Prison Break: why Wentworth Miller never wants to play Michael Scofield again

Prison Break: why Wentworth Miller never wants to play Michael Scofield again


Thunderbolt in the Prison Break universe, Wentworth Miller never wants to play Michael Scofield again, and for his reasons.

Prison Break is undoubtedly one of those series that should have ended long ago. After a first season widely hailed by the public and a second which trampled on the concept of the series from its initial postulate, seasons 3 and 4 were sacred bousins until the end in 2009.

Then, the series made an unexpected comeback, with a fifth season, a real failure when it was released in 2017. Given the results, we hoped the series was definitely buried before actor Dominic Purcell recently teased a sixth season. Thankfully, the show's lead actor, Wentworth Miller, may have just killed the project himself.

Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield (left) and Dominic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows

Indeed, the interpreter of Michael Scofield has just announced, via his Instagram account, that he is officially withdrawing from the casting for a very personal reason:

“I just don't want to play straight characters anymore. Their stories have already been told (and told again). Never again from Michael. If you're a fan of the show and hoped for new seasons … I understand your disappointment. I'm sorry. If you are angry and upset that you have fallen in love with a fictional straight man played by a gay man … this is your problem! “

A look away from the cult series

One of the main reasons for this choice would be linked in particular to the hateful and homophobic messages against him, in the comments of his publications. The actor also said he was more worried about the impact of these messages on his community than on himself:

“I don't care about myself. I can't be 'harassed' in this space. I have a lot of powers there: erase, block, disable, etc. But I take seriously that young queers can come here, whether they're coming out or planning to come out … I don't want them exposed to this bullshit. “

Dominic Purcell, his fictional brother, has in any case shown his support for the actor. Miller's decision risks embarrassing the show's producers if a sixth season is indeed in the pipeline, but frankly, whatever, we'll be without it. Unless a new season without Michael Scofield and with Dominic Purcell in the lead role is ordered, this could well spell the end of the series for good! To be continued …

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