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Prize money Wimbledon 2024: prize money revealed, all amounts

The prize pools for the 2024 Wimbledon tournament are as follows: Roland-Garros, increasing.

The prize money of Grand Slam tournaments continues to increase. Wimbledon is no exception. the rule. After an increase of 11.2% last year, the third Grand Slam of the year increases its prize money. ;nbsp; for 2024 by 11.6%.  The London Major will distribute a total of 50 million pounds sterling, or a little more than 59 million euros & all participants. 

The men's and women's singles tournaments are as always the best funded, with 2.7 million pounds sterling for the winners and 1.4 million for the finalists. This represents 3.2 million and 1,660,000 euros respectively. The gain for an elimination in the first round of Wimbledon passes as for him of 55 000 à 60,000 £ (71 034 €).

In line with Roland-Garros, Wimbledon has also increased its popularity. the prize money intended for to the tournament qualifiers, with an increase of 14.9% compared to à last year to climb in total &agrav; 4.8 million pounds (5.7 million euros). The amount devoted to wheelchair tennis in the prize money à also increased by more than 35.5%, reaching for the first time one million pounds sterling (1.18 million euros).

In ten years, despite this During the Covid period, the prize pool for the oldest grand slam tournament has doubled, from 25 million pounds in 2014 to 25 million pounds in 2014. 50 million for this edition.

What are the gains &agrave? Wimbledon ?

In pound sterling:

  • Winner: 2,700,000 
  • Finalist: 1,400,000 
  • Semi-final:  715 000
  • Quarter-final: 375,000
  • Eighth final: 226,000
  • 3rd round: 143 000
  • 2nd round: 93 000
  • 1st round: 60,000

In Euro (approximately):

  • Winner: 3 200,000 
  • Finalist: 1 660,000
  • Semi-final: 846 486
  • Quarter-final: 443 961
  • Eighth final: 267561
  • 3rd round: 169 297 
  • 2nd round:  110 102 
  • 1st round: 71 034
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