Prizefighter: Russell Crowe is a fallen boxer in the trailer who fights

In Prizefighter, Russell Crowe plays the grandfather and role model of legendary boxer Jem Belcher.

After being a Enrage of the road, Russell Crowe still wants to give a few hits. The Aussie actor stars in Prizefighter, an Amazon Prime Video exclusive drama and biopic directed by Daniel Graham. He plays there, in the 19th century, a former boxer who despite himself inspires his grandson to follow in his footsteps.

This will lead him, born in poverty, to become middleweight then heavyweight champion in England, while accessing much more affluent social circles by the strength of his fists. The story centers on this historic figure in the sport, Jem Belcher and how he marked the art of fistfighting. He is played by Matt Hookings who is headlining for the first time. Adding to its cast the talents of Ray Winstone (Black Widow), Jodhi May (The Last of the Mohicans) or Julian Glover (Game of thrones), the film revealed its first images and characters in its first trailer.

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Drama on English boxing and one of the names that made its history without being known at its fair value, c It's a 19th century Rocky we'd almost be promised. Prizefighterseems to offer its share of intense confrontations in the background of tragic self-destruction, the quest for glory and recognition. Little surprise of the summer, the cast, with Russell Crowe and Matt Hooking at its head, gives everything in this trailer.

Shortly after playing Zeus in the very upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder,Russell Crowe therefore returns to a more earthly and dramatic register, reconnecting with a style that perhaps suits him more. The master of boxing, the former gladiator or one in the other, the actor will perhaps also have the opportunity to be an emblematic figure in an initiation story where the fury of combat is transmitted.

The relationship between Belcher and his grandfather, but also with his mentor or his mother, seem at the heart of the story, while the protagonist pushes his limits, breaking his body both for a better future (socially more successful), but also for his loved ones. We hope to be especially captivated by the fate of Jem Belecher whose poster sells as the birth of modern boxing.

Something to be intrigued by this proposal for a period drama on sport and family and generational ties. Daniel Graham's film will be released on Amazon Prime Video on July 22 in the United States and the United Kingdom. In France, nothing is officially fixed for the moment.

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