Problems under the carpet. Four series to watch in March – FOCUS

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  • Problems under the carpet. Four series to watch in March - FOCUS

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  • Problems under the rug. Four series to watch in March - FOCUS

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  • Problems under the carpet. Four series to watch in March - FOCUS


  •  Trouble Under the Carpet: Four TV shows to watch in March - FOCUS

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  • Problemy under the carpet. Four series, to watch in March - FOCUS

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  •  Trouble Under the Carpet: Four TV shows to watch in March - FOCUS

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Ruthless PR, grieving husband and media crisis — Focus has selected the best things to watch in the spring

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Creator: Oliver Lansley
Starring: Anna Paquin, Lydia Wilson, Genevieve Angelson
Where to watch: Pop

Robin is an enterprising PR woman who solves the image problems of famous people better than others. “It's not a scandal if no one knows about it,” – with these words, she, without grimacing, shoves someone else's dirty linen on the shelves. And if she still somehow manages to keep the life of her star clients in check, then Robin has trouble with her own: she cheats on her boyfriend, sniffs cocaine and deceives, it seems, everyone in the world. And how can you really deal with your problems if all you can do is sweep them under the carpet?

Robin was played by Anna Paquin, an Academy Award winner for the drama “Piano” and the main face of the vampire show “True Blood”. “PR Girl” airs on Pop, which is home to mostly old-fashioned soap operas, but Paquin says the show has the most interesting script she's ever read. Judging by the opening episodes, “PR Girl” is the first project of the Pop channel, where comedy is seriously intertwined with real drama. The show will have six episodes in total. Directed by Peter Cattaneo, he received an Oscar nomination in 1998 for the comedy Male Striptease, about steelworkers who find a hot new calling after layoffs at a factory.

” After Life

Creator: Ricky Gervais
Starring: Ricky Gervais, David Bradley, Ashley Jensen
Where to watch: Netflix

Tony is a middle-aged man disillusioned with life after the death of his wife. He grieved, seriously contemplated suicide, but instead began to “punish the whole world” with all his might. Tony practices a kind of militant nihilism – he says and does whatever he wants without worrying about anyone's feelings. “And if at least something goes wrong, I can always commit suicide. It's like a superpower!” – he tells his relatives with a smile. Except they knew Tony as a good guy and are still trying to help him come back to life.

Afterlife is a dark comedy from Ricky Gervais, creator and protagonist of the classic British sitcom The Office. This is his new project for the Netflix streaming platform. Gervais played the title role and directed and wrote Life After Death himself. The first episode of the show presents his hero as “the saddest person in the world”, but this does not prevent him from being caustic and deafeningly funny. The series also stars David Bradley (Game of Thrones), Ashley Jensen (Extras) and Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey). Afterlife season 1 will have six episodes.


Creator: Tom Rob Smith
Starring: Richard Gere, Billy Howle, Helen McCrory
Where to watch: BBC Two

Max Finch is a powerful American media mogul whose empire is threatened by the antics of Cayden, his son, who runs his father's British newspaper. It became difficult for Cayden to cope with pressure and fatherly expectations, so he fell into the gentle embrace of promiscuous sex and hard drugs. His mother Katherine tries to intervene in the situation and save her son, but this story instantly outgrows the scale of a private family tragedy – now the bright future of the whole of Great Britain is at stake.

“MotherFatherSon” was invented by writer and screenwriter Tom Rob Smith. Prior to that, he made the mini-series “London Spy” and the second season of “American Crime Story”, which dealt with the murder of the legendary couturier Gianni Versace. The role of Max Finch was played by Golden Globe winner Richard Gere (he starred in a television series for the first time in 30 years), and Katherine Finch played Helen McCrory (Narcissa from Harry Potter). The producer of the series is Alan Paul, without whom there would be no journalistic thriller “News Service”. In the first episodes, “MotherFatherSon” concentrates on the drama of a family torn apart by great ambitions. It's good that eight episodes have been ordered for the show – there is still time for political intrigues.

“Now Apocalypse”/Now Apocalypse

Creators : Gregg Araki, Carly Sciortino
Starring: Evan Jogia, Kelly Berglund, Beau Mirchoff
Where to watch: Starz

Ulysses leads a merry life: almost every evening he goes on dates – both with women and with men, and in bed he gets so drunk that now and then he sees colorful dreams about the end of the world. Ulysses' friends are not far behind – they describe their adventures as a children's fairy tale, which turned out to be scenes from vintage gay porn. Meanwhile, Ulysses' dreams are getting brighter and at some point seem prophetic to him: the hero thinks that the world has gone crazy, and everything around is a conspiracy of reptilians (this is not a joke!).

“When you look our series, your head will explode,” American director Steven Soderbergh, an Oscar winner for the crime drug drama Traffic, intrigues the viewer. It is he who produces “And now – the apocalypse.” All ten episodes of the first season of the show were directed by indie film veteran Gregg Araki, who became famous after the drama “Mysterious Skin” – about how a child's mind copes with violence. Araki's script was assisted by Carly Sciortino, a regular contributor to Vogue magazine and founder of Looking at the pilot episode, you can understand why “Now the Apocalypse” was a success at the Sundance Film Festival in January – it's really a bizarre spectacle, even by the standards of modern television.