Producer Luc Wiseman pleads guilty to sexual assault charge


Producer Luc Wiseman pleads guilty to a charge of sexual touching

Luc Wiseman, who was arrested in May 2021, pleaded guilty on Thursday to a charge of sexually touching a minor.

Producer Luc Wiseman, former owner of Avanti Group, pleaded guilty on Thursday to a charge of sexually touching a 12-year-old girl. The other charges against him were dropped.

The man arrested in May 2021 in Montreal was also facing charges of sexual assault on a minor, production and possession of child pornography and assault.

< p class="e-p">Luc Wiseman was acquitted of charges of producing and possessing child pornography.

The Crown and the defense have agreed to seek a prison sentence two years less a day, in addition to a three-year probationary period.

Mrs. Annabelle Sheppard, the Crown prosecutor, underlined the courage and resilience of the victim.

I think not having to testify is a big relief for everyone, for her, her family. The fact of being believed, that his version is retained. This is very positive, she added.

During his visit to the courtroom, Luc Wiseman addressed the judge , stating: I would like to say how much I regret the actions I have committed.

I hope [the victim] will have all the tools to get out of this, he added.

The ex-producer immediately went to prison.

Mr. Wiseman will be sentenced on August 26.

The facts of which the ex-producer was accused took place between November 2018 and April 2021 in Montreal, with the exception of assault, which allegedly occurred in Duhamel, Outaouais.

A previous version of this article implied that Avanti Groupe co -produces always Everyone is talking about it, which is not the case. Avanti Groupe produced Tout le monde en parle until May 2021. Since September 2021, the show has been co-produced by Guillaume Lespérance (A Média) and Guy A. Lepage (The TV guy).

In addition, since the end of May 2021, Avanti Groupe has new owners. Mr. Wiseman had resigned following his arrest and indictment.


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