Products Sold Online: Police Stations for Regional Trade Security

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Products sold online: police stations for the security of exchanges in the region

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Three Manitoba RCMP Detachments are donating their parking lots to help rural Manitobans complete transactions made on sites like kijiji . (archives)

In Manitoba, fans of buying second-hand products on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji can now complete their transactions in safe places and thus avoid sometimes embarrassing and dangerous encounters when it comes time to deliver or collect. the product sold.

Three detachments of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in rural areas offer the public the possibility of concluding their transactions on designated and secure sites, in the parking lot of police stations .

The Morden, Manitou and Carman detachments left a message informing the public that their parking lots are safe places for this type of transaction.

In an interview at 6 à 9, the Sergeant Paul Manaigre, spokesperson for the Manitoba RCMP, says platforms selling second-hand goods have become popular, but users are concerned about the fraud that characterizes some transactions.

He also specifies that this is a need for many people and that the RCMP wants people to feel safe.

Sergeant Manaigre points out that these places are very useful in rural areas because they are easy to find and give people a sense of security to complete their purchases and sales.

Paul Manaigre indicated that the RCMP does not There are no statistics yet on the frequency of these encounters. However, he assures that the parking lots of police stations have been used several times for this type of transaction.

He specifies that the RCMP does not have a similar site in Winnipeg.

However, Winnipeg Police does offer interchange areas near police stations or in a parking space near stations which are monitored by cameras.

Sergeant Paul Manaigre reminds that if a person is not comfortable during the exchange, they should trust their instincts and call the police.

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