Professor wonders Wille Rydman's action: “MP should beware”


HS said Wille Rydman harassed young women and girls. According to the professor of criminal law, there is a high risk that the activity will exceed the threshold of criminality.

Professor wonders Wille Rydman's action: & rdquo; MPs should be careful & rdquo;

Rydman says in his blog that he accuses Helsingin Sanomat of gross defamation. Pete [email protected] at 5:33 pm

On Sunday, Helsingin Sanomat published an article in which several women spoke about the harassing behavior of MP Wille Rydman.

According to the article, Rydman would have abused his dominance by behaving inappropriately towards young girls and women. Rydman himself says the stories are a “shocking hill.”

Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Eastern Finland Matti Tolvanen says there has been movement in the gray area, if the women's stories are true .

Rydman is said to have invited underage women into his home, forced alcohol, made sexually explicit comments, and touched them undesirably.

– One has to wonder if he (Rydman) has not identified the legal or political risks associated with such activities, Tolvanen says

High risk of slipping

the risk of the activity exceeding the criminal threshold is high. Rydman's actions could also be interpreted to entice a child for sexual purposes.

– There is a risk that only proposing a meeting will be interpreted as tempting. This time, police concluded that the crime had not occurred, Tolvanen says. The statute of limitations for sexual harassment is two years.

– The MP should beware of situations that could be construed as punishable.

Archived debates

According to an article in Helsingin Sanomat, Rydman would have a “Folder Cabinet” at home where he would archive his conversations.

Rydman explained that this was a display case where he would keep information about his family association. = “paragraph”> According to Tolvanen, such an archive could in certain circumstances be interpreted as an illegal personal register. Tolvanen emphasizes that the matter would require more detailed research: in principle, you can record your own conversations.

Two Coalition MPs have told HS that they heard from Rydman that he was filing his debates. According to Tolvanen, the motive must have been personal if this had been done.

– There could have been no political purpose.

Every other 16-year-old experiences harassment

Rydman's case raises the question on social media: why was the police not reported?

Lawyer Ville Hinkkanen shared statistics from a school health survey on Twitter, which reveal that about half of 16-year-old girls experience sexual harassment each year.

, Hinkkanen writes.

A school health survey commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) shows that almost one in two teenage female students has experienced sexual harassment.

vocational school students and high school first and second year students.

About half of the women who responded had experienced harassing sexual suggestion or harassment during the year.

Fair Forty percent of female students said they experienced sexual harassment on the phone or online. More than a quarter of female high school or vocational school students said they had experienced sexual harassment in a public space.

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