Project Artemis: the Apple film with Scarlett Johansson has found a replacement for Chris Evans


After Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans should have crossed paths with Scarlett Johansson again in Apple TV+'s Project Artemis movie which eventually found a replacement.

Since leaving the Captain America suit in the locker room, Chris Evans has been piling up the projects. Along with his theatrical return in Knives Out, the actor also joined Apple TV+ with the Defend Jacob series.and was to bring another project to the platform: Project Artemis directed by Greg Berlanti, and no longer Jason Bateman who left the project for creative disputes.

This film written by Rose Gilroy will return to the space race in the 1960s and was to be an opportunity for the actor to meet again Scarlett Johansson with whom he played in the four films Avengers, but also Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, and even before that in the comedy The Perfect score from 2004 and The Babysitter's Diary from 2007. p>

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/project-artemis-the-apple-movie-with-scarlett-johansson-found-chris-evans-replacement-cb7be76.jpg"/>Another missed date for the old Black Widow and the old Captain America

Little Shop of Horrors they could have starred in, Chris Evans left Project Artemis over a job dispute time, with filming overlapping with two other projects: the film Pain Hustlersworn by Emily Blunt, directed by David Yates and slated for Netflix, plus Amazon Prime Video's Christmas comedy, Red One, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jake Kasdan to direct .

As Deadline recently reported,so Channing Tatum was chosen as the replacement. It will not be the first time that the two actors will be credited on the same credits, since they have already played in the comedyAve, César! in 2016.

Channing Tatum in The Secret of the Lost City

Before that, Channing Tatum will make his debut as a director with the comedy-drama Dog airing on Disney+ on July 22. For his part, Chris Evans will soon be showing The Gray Man expected on July 22 on Netflix and in the cast of the film Ghosted by Dexter Fletcher on Apple TV+, currently in post-production and no release date.


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