“Propaganda of Satanism”: in Russia they demand to ban Harry Potter (photo)

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The works about the young wizard, according to activists, “corrupt and mow down the souls of young Russians”.

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Orthodox activists demanded from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to ban books and films about Harry Potter. A copy of the appeal of the Forty Sorokov organization was published by the propaganda publication Mash.

Thus, representatives of the Orthodox association demanded that books and films about Harry Potter be banned in Russia.

According to the activists of the Forty Forties organization, the story about a young wizard, which was created by the writer JK Rowling, is “propaganda witchcraft and satanism”.

The appeal to the Ministry of Culture also says that works about Harry Potter “corrupt and mow down the young souls of our children”, and therefore they should be banned in Russia.“We are facing a spiritual and cultural time bomb for our children and youth. The Harry Potter saga is an ingeniously designed quintessence of the foundations of Western culture – rationalism, individualism and materialism, saturated with spiritual values ​​​​that are alien to us. Why should we preserve alien patterns that corrupt and mow down the young souls of our children? Especially now, when the collective West, real in terms of the fruits of metal, gunpowder and zinc, is trying to destroy us, “the statement said, which was addressed to the Orthodox organization.

Except In addition, representatives of the Forty Sorokov proposed to expand the powers of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation so that the department could ban “objectionable” and control cultural events “for the sake of preserving Russian spiritual values”.

Note that in the first six months, residents Russia wrote a record number of denunciations to Roskomnadzor – almost 145 thousand appeals, most of which concerned the topic of the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.