PS5: Console for Boys with Cancer – Sixteen-year-old becomes a hero

PS5: Console for Boys with Cancer – Sixteen-year-old becomes a hero

PS5: Console for Boys with Cancer – Sixteen-year-old becomes a hero

A boy wins a Sony PS5. But instead of keeping the new console, he passes it on right away. The story moves to tears.

    One Teenager from the USA wins the coveted PS5.
    But instead of gambling yourself, it becomes a Heroes for the sick Neighbor boy.
    That’s why he gave Teenager his PS5 continue.

South Philadelphia, USA – The PS5 is currently sold out. Not everyone could count themselves among the lucky ones who went to the Release the latest SonyConsoles have received. The ordering chaos made it extremely difficult to find a PS5 to get. How lucky you should be there that Consoles even to win a raffle? One 16 year old teenager out South Philadelphia got just that little bit of luck. He won the PS5, but instead of yourself with the Consoles to gamble, he became the Heroes for a sick person Neighbor boy. A heartwarming story.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Teenager wins console – and becomes a hero for sick boy next door

The 16 year old teenager Angel ortero The Internet is currently thrilling with his Feat. What happened? Angels Mother had that PS5 won in a raffle. Of course, she gave this to her gaming-loving son. But although the Teenager even love to be on the Consoles would gamble, he thought at that moment of a person for whom the PS5 has an even greater value. We’re talking about the ten year old Sonny Boys – one Neighbor boywho also made South Philadelphia originates.

The boy from the States certainly had not been an easy year. At a young age, he had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor. In addition, the fifth grader is currently struggling with a broken leg. Well finds Sonnys A nice end to the year. He owes this to his friend, who lives up to his angelic first name – Angel surprised his Neighbors Sonny with one of the most coveted Christmas gifts: the PS5.

PS5: Teenage heroic deed for sick neighbor boy – His motivations are touching

The regional news channel 6ABC News also got wind of the story and invited the two of them guys to a Interview one. In the conversation, Angel explained his intention more precisely: “As a 16 year old boy I was just as excited to finally start playing on the console, but then I saw Sonny’s post and thought about how happy he would be at such a young age and what he had to go through.” The Teenager took his thought even further, because materialistic things are not so important to him. Much better is the smile he gets through the gift on Sonnys Could conjure up a face.

The mother of Sonny was so touched by the gesture that she demurred Teenager also wanted to give presents. She insisted Angel also to give a little money on the way. But this promptly decided to do it, even more Children your Heartfelt wishes to meet. With the money he bought as many toys as he could and passed them on to his grandmother. Because she is a pastor and sends them Gifts an children in Not in der Dominican Republic. The Teenager sees himself in a privileged position; he prefers to help others who may not be doing so well – especially during difficult times like this Coronapandemie.

PS5: Teenager wins console – and becomes a hero for sick boy next door

© 6ABC News

Angels Actions remained in the Internet not unobserved. Several thousand users celebrate the Teenager on the internet platform Reddit. We too can only take our hat off to his good nature. Angels Consideration and care for others should be a role model for us, especially in these turbulent times. Sonny we wish you a lot of fun with the PS5 and a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, there are also people who didn’t give away the PS5 but rather took it away from others. A scalper team snatched PS5 fans 3,500 times – there is no trace of regret. But rescue is already approaching: Will a supply of PS5 consoles come before Christmas? The Sony boss gave fans hope.

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