PSG – Nantes: Mbappé in history, the summary of the match

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“PSG – Nantes: Mbappé in history, the summary of the match”

PSG - Nantes : Mbappé in history, the summary ; of the match

PSG-Nantes. Paris Saint-Germain won against FC Nantes thanks in particular to Kylian Mbappé with Paris (4-2), Saturday evening during the 26th day of Ligue 1. The French striker is now the only top scorer in the history of PSG. Discover the summary Match.

PSG - Nantes : Mbappé in history, the summary of the match

Paris Saint-Germain 4 : 2Messi, Lionel 12’ – Paris Saint-GermainHadjam, Jaouen 17’ – Paris Saint-GermainBlas, Ludovic 31’ – FC NantesKpene Ganago, Ignatius 38’ – FC NantesPereira, Danilo 60’ – Paris Saint-GermainMbappe, Kylian 90’ – Paris Saint-Germain

PSG - Nantes: Mbappé in history, the summary of the match

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23:30 – The summary of the match: Paris in pain, Mbappé record keeper

Paris Saint-Germain received FC Nantes with the intention of preparing for their trip to Bayern Munich on Wednesday in the return match of the knockout stages of the Champions League. After his demonstration at Marseille last Sunday (0-3), Paris continues its momentum and quickly leads 2-0, thanks to Messi (12th) and Hadjam (17th, csc). But the Nantes do not despair and equalize before even half-time, thanks to Blas (31st) and Ganago (38th).

But at the image of the match against Lille (4-3), PSG is mentally strong and manages to; regain the advantage thanks to Danilo Pereira (60th), ideally served by Kylian Mbappé. À looking for a goal to become the sole record holder for goals scored in a Parisian jersey, the French striker succeeded in adding time (90th +2) and was able to let his joy burst. Famous by the Parc des Princes, Mbappé will now be able to turn, like PSG, to the Bayern match.

23:22 – Two players injured on the side from PSG

Paris Saint-Germain won this match against FC Nantes in pain (4-2), after having seen Nantes return to; 2-2 when the score was 2-0. In addition to being scared, PSG saw two players out with more or less minor injuries. They are Nordi Mukiele and Marquinhos. À four days of facing Bayern in the Champions League, it will be necessary to hope for the Parisian club that çit is not too serious.

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23:15 – Mbappé famous at the Parc des Princes

Kylian Mbappé is celebrated at the Parc des Princes after becoming the record holder for goals scored in a PSG jersey. He received a trophy and gave a speech to the supporters who remained in large numbers, before taking a lap of honor.

23:11 – Nantes-Blas: "I don't really shoot"

Ludovic Blas, attacking midfielder from Nantes, returned to the microphone of Canal + on his goal scored from a tight angle. this Saturday evening on the lawn of the Parc des Princes against PSG (4-2): "I want to fix Vitinha and put her strong in front of goal to create danger. I don't especially shoot, he confessed; honestly. I wanted to create danger because we were only two in front so it was complicated. Putting it exactly on Ganago's head, çit was going to be complicated; so I preferred pull hard and so much the better, çsmiled at me."

23:05 – Mbappé: "I play to write history"

Kylian Mbappé stopped at the microphone of Canal + after having beaten this record for goals scored in the jersey of PSG: “I did not put pressure on myself, I knew I was going to beat it. I didn't want to force it but the last five minutes, with a little more space, with 3 against 3 and 2 against 2, I told myself that there was room. Afterwards, the goal comes to; the last minute, it's beautiful. Playing here is a privilege, I had the chance to enjoy every moment and progress as a player. I have changed a lot, he confessed. by being a young player, talented if you will, but a young player. Playing at PSG, even more so for me as a Parisian by birth, is something special. I play to write history, I always said that I wanted to write history in France, in the capital of my country, in my city, I am doing it and it is magnificent . But there is still a long way to go. TO DO. It's a personal achievement but I came for collective accomplishments."

22:57 – Mbappé, top scorer in the history of PSG

History will remember that it was necessary to wait for the additional time of this PSG – Nantes (4-2) to see Kylian Mbappé alone becoming the top scorer in the history of the Parisian club with 201 goals, ahead of Edinson Cavani (200 goals). The Parc des Princes continues to celebrate this record!

22:52 – Paris Saint-Germain win at the Parc des Princes (4-2 )

Paris Saint-Germain wins (4-2) and this success is well deserved. given the statistics. With 67% possession of the ball, against 33% for FC Nantes, and 10 shots on target (5 for FC Nantes), Paris Saint-Germain has indeed displayed its superiority. in many areas of play during the match.

22:49 – 201st goal for Mbappé !

Kylian Mbappé succeeded in doing so. scoring this 201st goal (in 247 games) in the Parisian jersey, which makes him the top scorer in club history! In the surface it is found; by Pembélé and strikes in pivot to deceive Lafont… 4-2 for PSG! 

22:48 – New goal at the Parc des Princes for Paris Saint-Germain (4- 2)!

Goal for Paris Saint-Germain, scored by Kylian Mbappe, ` the 90th minute of play in this 2nd period. Paris Saint-Germain are still in the lead in this match against FC Nantes. The score is 4 to 10. 2 at the Parc des Princes!

22:47 – Five minutes of added time

Mr. Stinat grants five minutes of added time in this meeting between PSG and FC Nantes, while the score is still 3 & 3; 2.

22:46 – Lafont captures the ball

Kylian Mbappé takes responsibility for this free kick and hits it directly but Lafont easily catches the ball on his line. It lacked power and precision.

22:44 – Mbappé gets a free kick

Kylian Mbappé gets a good free kick interesting at; entering the surface after transplanting straight ahead from the left wing. The Frenchman seems to want to hit him…

22:43 – PSG: Pembélé comes into play

Christophe Galtier sensed that Carlos Soler was in trouble; facing Simon on the side right and decides to put him back in the middle to bring Pembélé; It's Zaïre-Emery, author of a very good match, who gives way.

22:40 – Nantes wants to believe it

Nantes have not said their last word in this meeting and are doing everything to try to equalize in this meeting. Parisians are retreating more and more.

22:37 – Nantes: Kombouaré still making changes

Antoine Kombouaré makes its last two changes in one move to the side. de Nantes to try to return to this meeting against PSG. Ignatius Ganago and Moussa Sissoko are replaced respectively by Marcus Coco and Evann Guessand.

22:34 – Messi defeated by Lafont

Lionel Messi still manages to make the difference full axis by eliminating two players before striking with the right foot but Alban Lafont is on the trajectory to capture this powerful ball.

22:33 – PSG: Marquinhos asked to going out

Bad news for PSG. Marquinhos grimaces and asks; to go out, hit to hip. It is the young central defender Bitshiabu who replaces the Parisian captain. An outing that worries, à; four days of the trip to; Munich…

22:30 – Mbappé just outside side !

Kylian Mbappé decides to try his luck at more than 25 meters from the FC Nantes goal. The ball goes well and shaves the post of Alban Lafont! What a strike.

22:27 – PSG: Soler replaces Mukiele

On the side of PSG, Nordi Mukiele must give way, touched; on the contact with Hadjam & àgrave; entering the surface a few minutes ago. Carlos Soler enters the game.

22:26 – Nantes: Kombouaré made several changes

Antoine Kombouaré decides to make several changes to 20 minutes from the end of the match. Mollet, Hadjam and Pallois are replaced respectively by Mohamed, Simon and João Victor.

22:23 – Messi's free kick!

Backtracked on his decision thanks to VAR, Mr Stinat awards a free kick the entrance to the surface for PSG. Messi hits him well but Lafont deflects with both fists!

22:22 – No penalty says the referee

66ᵉ. The decision fell for Paris Saint-Germain as the VAR was decided. required as a result of; a contentious gesture in the area: and there will be no penalty! The opposing defense did not commit a fault according to Jeremy Stinat!

22:21 – Video arbitration in progress for a foul in the box!

65ᵉ. The game is stopped. at the Parc des Princes: the referee is reluctant to whistle a penalty for Paris Saint-Germain after a contentious gesture in the area and appeals to; the VAR.

22:20 – Penalty for PSG!

PSG gets a penalty in stride! Messi still finds Mukiele in the depth and the Parisian defender is broke; by Hadjam. Logical penalty and logical yellow card for the Nantes player, who already had; marked against his camp a little earlier.

22:19 – Penalty for Paris Saint-Germain!

63ᵉ. The penalty may be paid cash! Jeremy Stinat signals a penalty for Paris Saint-Germain. The score could soon evolve on the side of the game. Parc des Princes.

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