PSG offered Mbappé 630 million for three seasons

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PSG offered Mbappé 630 million for three seasons

The newspaper Le Parisien has revealed the astronomical figures of the contract that the Paris Saint-Germain offered Kylián Mbappéto renew for the next three seasons, the present one and the one to come, plus an optional third. Figures that make him the athlete with the best contract in history.

According to the Parisian outlet, the total amount of the contract is 630 million euros gross . His salary amounts to 72 million euros gross per season. That is to say, six million gross per month, which makes him the highest ever signed by an athlete, and obviously by a footballer.

“Loyalty” bonus

To that is added a signing bonus of 180 million, which would be collected once the renewal was signed. Among the bonuses only was added: one, which has been described as a “loyalty bonus”, which is charged annually and whichhas progressive growth in cash as long as Kylián does not decide to leave PSG before those three years.In that case in the summer of 2023 Mbappé; It would receive 70 million, in 2024 it would add another 80 and in the third, if it executes the unilateral clause, it would enter 90 million more.

But all these figures are gross. These income of 630 million would have a withholding of 45% for social security contributionsand taxes. In reality, of that total figure of 630 million, Mbappé; If he stays at PSG for the next three seasons, he would earn 210 million net.