Public sector psychologists challenge Quebec over salaries

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Public sector psychologists challenge Quebec over salaries

The Minister of Health Christian Dubé is one, along with those of Education and the Treasury Board, of the ministers that the unions want to meet.

The unions that represent psychologists in the sector request to meet with the Ministers of Health, Education and Treasury Board, in the face of the “critical situation of the lack of psychologists”, in connection, according to them, with their remuneration.

The health, social services, education and college networks are struggling to retain and attract psychologists, given their working conditions, say these union organizations. Many psychologists prefer to work in the private sector, where they are better paid.

The eight labor organizations concerned point out that complaints to maintain pay equity dating from 2015, affecting these psychologists from the public sector, have still not been resolved.

They had asked for the establishment of a forum to settle these complaints, but claim to have recently suffered a refusal.

The Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel in Health and Social Services (APTS), the Union of Government Professionals (SPGQ), two entities of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) affiliated with the FTQ, two federations affiliated to the CSN and two federations affiliated to the CSQ are therefore calling for a meeting with the ministers concerned to discuss the file.

< p>“We must immediately eliminate wage discrimination and, subsequently, implement solutions to improve the working conditions of psychologists in order to restore the balance to the needs of public networks. »

— Excerpt from a joint statement by trade unions

There is an urgent need to act for the attraction and retention of the workforce, which go hand in hand with the ability to offer mental health services accessible to the entire population. population of Quebec, add these organizations.

Reached by email, the Ministry of Executive Council and Treasury Board Secretariat indicated that the Government of Quebec was willing and available to discuss issues concerning the working conditions of psychologists in the public and parapublic sectors.

Over the past few months, communication channels between the parties have been maintained and very active, the government says. Organizations representing psychologists are therefore invited to continue discussions. It is desirable to agree on overall measures aimed at recruiting and retaining psychologists in the public and parapublic networks, as well as improving the service offer.

The government adds that a nuance must be made, because equity is not part of the negotiable elements.

Indeed, the 2015 maintenance raised by the union will be possibly decided by the CNESST; thus, the government of Quebec does not wish to mix pay equity and negotiations, he maintains.

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