Puppy disappeared from “Boys for the Taking”. What is happening today with the hero of the program adored by viewers


Where did Puppy disappear?

 Puppy disappeared from

As reported by the portal “Goniec”, Szczena belonged to the group of those participants in “Chłopak & oacute; w do tak” (“boy to take”), who aroused the greatest emotions and controversy. Some time ago, Ryszard Dąbrowski disappeared from social media. His supporters did not hide their surprise at this fact and wonder what is happening with their favorite.

Where did Puppy disappear?

Ryszard Dąbrowski, known more widely as Szczena, gained enormous popularity thanks to his participation in the “Chłopaki do takie” (“Chłopaki do takie” (“Boys to Take”) program. Many people followed closely the adventures of Puppies in life. The man created a family with Joanna Wielocha, with whom he had a son, Marcel, who is now two years old.

 The puppy has disappeared from the

Puppy had however, there was a problem with being faithful to my wife. He has two illegitimate children, with whom he, however, is not in touch. His paternity is far from ideal. In 2021, after an alcoholic libation and a row that arose during it, his son was taken from him. “They examined them and found no abnormalities,” he said in an interview with “O2”.

Some time ago, Szczena fans were surprised to find that their idol was no longer active in social media. Immediately there were questions about what could have happened to the heroes of “Boy up for the taking”.

There are many indications that Puppy ended up behind bars once again. Previously, he was punished, among others for drunk driving, robberies or non-payment of alimony. The announcement about his stay in prison was provided by the co-owner of the MMA VIP federation, Dariusz Kosowski, quoted by mma.pl.

 Puppy disappeared from the & quot; Boy & oacute; w up to take & quot ;. What is happening today with the protagonist of the show's adored by the viewer

Kosowski admitted that he was supposed to put Puppy in a fight, unfortunately, p & oacute; ki what, it will not happen to the end, because “Ryszard has been detained. Now Ryszard will repent of his misdeeds.”

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