Purchasing power: this boost check that you will soon be able to receive without doing anything

Purchasing power: that nudge that you'll soon be able to touch without doing anything

Nine million: that's the number of French households which should automatically benefit from the “food voucher” at the start of the school year.

With purchasing power at the heart of the concerns of the French, President Macron had promised assistance to the most vulnerable households. The announcement was made official on June 29 by Olivia Grégoire, government spokesperson. To deal with the emergency, the system will be put in place by decree. It will therefore not be the subject of debate in Parliament as part of the purchasing power bill expected this summer. That said, it will be necessary to manage to release credits in the collective budget.

According to the site Les Échos, no less than nine million households will be affected. This is more than double the number of beneficiaries of the food bonus paid during the Covid-19 pandemic (4.1 million households). It must be said that this new measure is not intended to counter an exceptional situation, but an increase in energy prices(and, possibly, certain foods) which seems destined to be anchored in the long term. The target audience ? The categories most affected by the purchasing power crisis. Recipients of active solidarity income (RSA), disabled adult allowance (AAH), minimum old age (ASPA) and personalized housing assistance (APL) are all concerned. The premium will amount to 100 euros per household, to which will be added 50 euros per dependent child. The bill should amount to one billion euros.

Towards more purchasing power?

The advantage of this measure is that the people concerned have nothing to do: the administration will identify them and the money will be paid directly into their bank account. This system is a prelude to the reform of social aid wanted by Emmanuel Macron: RSA, housing allowance and others would be perceived automatically by the beneficiaries, without any action to be taken. Such a system would make it possible to limit fraud, but also to protect French people who, for various reasons, do not request the services to which they are entitled. During the campaign, the President announced other measures to help the most vulnerable. He wants to increase the family support allowance for single mothers and the purchasing power bonus. A “targeted” food check is also being developed. Its goal ? Facilitate access to “quality” products, for example from organic farming

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