“Purely Nazi language”: Orban's adviser resigned after “racial” scandal


A long-time supporter of the Hungarian prime minister believes that his speech would have been liked by “the most bloodthirsty race-haters.”


The scandal surrounding the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban over the words about the “mixing of European and non-European races” continues to gain momentum. After such statements, his long-term adviser Zsuzsa Hegedyush decided to resign and called Orban's words Nazi. This is reported by the Hungarian edition of HVG.

On July 26, Hegedüsz sent a letter to Orban saying she was leaving her post because his words about race mixing were “purely Nazi language.” She believes that “the most bloodthirsty race-haters” would have liked the speech of the Hungarian prime minister. Therefore, despite a 20-year friendship, she has to break off their relationship.

In turn, Viktor Orban wrote a response letter to his adviser, where he stated that she could not accuse him of racism.

< p>“You can't even seriously accuse me of racism after twenty years of working together. You know best that my government has a zero tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism and racism in Hungary,” he said.

After that, Zsuzsa Hegedyush wrote a second letter to the head of the Hungarian government, where she asked him to read her first appeal more carefully. She stated that she believes that anti-Semitism is far from Orban, but at the same time she does not understand who and why wrote such a speech to him.

Orban's racist speech

July 23, Viktor Orban spoke in the city of Baile Tushnade in Romania at the annual meeting with supporters. There he sharply criticized the “mixing” of European and non-European races and said that the Hungarians do not want to become a mixed race.

The Hungarian Prime Minister believes that countries where Europeans and non-Europeans mix are “no longer nations “.

“We (Hungarians – ed.) are not mixed race … and we do not want to become mixed race,” he said.

His words caused sharp criticism among opposition parties countries and European politicians.

At the same meeting, Orban called on the EU to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and reconsider the strategy of sanctions against the Russian Federation due to its invasion. He believes that Kyiv will not be able to defeat Moscow in a war with NATO weapons.


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