Putin called the explosions at the Sevpotok an act of terrorism

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Putin called the explosions on Sevpotok an act of terrorism

The beneficiaries of the incidents on gas pipelines are the United States, Poland and Ukraine, the Russian president is sure.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the explosions at Nord Stream an act of international terrorism and the most dangerous precedent that benefited the United States, Ukraine and Poland. He stated this on October 12, speaking at the Russian Energy Week forum in Moscow, Interfax reports.

According to Putin, behind the sabotage on the streams are those who finally want to break the ties between Russia and Europe, taking the market into their hands, and the beneficiary is already clear.

“The beneficiary, the beneficiary – and so it is clear, there is no need to go into details here. After all, the geopolitical importance of the remaining gas systems is increasing – they pass through the territory of Poland, Yamal-Europe– through the territory of Ukraine (two streams), everything was built by Russia at one time with its own money, as well as the United States, of course, which can now supply energy resources at high prices,” the Russian leader noted.

He pointed out, that American liquefied natural gas is inferior to Russian gas in terms of quality and price.

Putin stressed that pipeline incidents could have been organized by someone who “is technically capable of making such explosions and has already resorted to such sabotage, was caught by the hand, but remained unpunished.”

At the same time, the President of the Russian Federation assured that it would be possible to repair the blown-up gas pipelines if it makes economic sense.

“Russia is ready to supply gas through the surviving Northern thread-2. The ball is on the side of the European Union. Let them just open the tap,” he said.

Recall that at the end of September, the authorities of Denmark and Sweden reported gas leaks on two lines of Nord Stream near the island of Bornholm, which originated from -for explosions. EU suspects sabotage.

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