Putin has directly explained what he expects from the Ukrainian authorities

Путин уже прямо разъяснил, чего он ждет от украинских властей

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin made another surprise announcement in the Ukraine. This time he spoke about a possible merger of the Russian and Ukrainian States.

As stated by Putin on February 21 in an interview with Russian media, the Union of Russia with Ukraine will not be beneficial to those who see their Alliance global competitor of Europe and the world.

“Any Union (efforts of) Russia and Ukraine, their capabilities and competitive advantages is the creation of competitor global competitor in Europe and in the world. Nobody wants that, so they will do everything for us to take away” – he said.

Meanwhile, Putin announced that those who headed the Ukraine or got to power in the country, pursuing only personal interests. He is sure that they just want to “keep the loot in the past.”

“And what are they? Not even to earn more money by robbing the Ukrainian people, and keep that loot so far. That’s the main problem. Grandmother, somewhere, excuse my slang? Money where? In foreign banks. What to do to save? To show that they serve those who have the money. From here and only what they sell now is Russophobia”, – he concluded.

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