“Putin is a prophet”: the Kremlin has updated the training manual for propagandists – media



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Russian media employees are told to compare the war in Ukraine with the First World War. They were also obliged to talk about internal enemies, the imminent decline of the West and the righteous mission of Russia.

The Administration of the President of the Russian Federation has prepared a new manual for propagandists. This is reported by Meduza, which has a copy of the document. According to the publication, the training manual was prepared for August 1, the anniversary of Germany's declaration of war on Russia in 1914.

“We don't abandon our own”

Russian media should now talk about the fact that now, as in the beginning of the 20th century, Russia was drawn into a military confrontation by the West, unleashing wars for the sake of gaining new colonies. The Russians, on the other hand, have to participate in them, since they cannot leave the “fraternal peoples” in trouble and are forced to stand “in defense of the oppressed.”

“Modern Ukrainian Crisis”

In the manual war in Ukraine is called the “modern Ukrainian crisis”, which began because of the Euromaidan and the military actions that followed it in the Donbass. Their reason is said to be the infringement by “Ukrainian radicals and the official Kyiv authorities” of Russian-speaking citizens who did not want to live “in a Ukrainian state hostile to Russians.”

That is why Crimea wanted to become part of Russia, and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions declared independence. The authors of the manual believe that this does not contradict international law, these regions simply “realized the right of nations to self-determination.”

Russian propagandists were also ordered to talk about how the West began in Ukraine to “nurture, with the help of a misanthropic ideology and Russophobia, several generations of people who hate Russia and are ready to kill Russians.” At the same time, the Kremlin's attempts to settle the conflict peacefully failed due to the actions of the United States, which made Ukraine “the front line in the confrontation between the West and Russia.” That is why the Russian Federation was “forced” to start a war.

The role of the West

The authors of the manual dwelled in detail on how to talk about Western interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, comparing the current situation with the beginning of the 20th century. They remembered that Germany financed the activities of the Bolsheviks, which eventually led to “mass riots” in 1917. The same methods are allegedly used now: the West “finances non-systemic opposition, protest movements and anti-Russian media.” Moreover, he began to make more efforts in these areas after February 24.

Propagandists must explain to their audiences that the authorities are right in assigning the status of foreign agents to some. The authors of the manual insist that “all organizations, media outlets, bloggers and journalists receiving foreign funding oppose the NVO and the position of Russia.”

The “decline” of the United States and the new world order

The authors of the Kremlin manual insist that Russians be convinced of the development of a global “anti-American trend”, which will result in the loss of all US military allies and “even serious trading partners”.

The Russians should know that all this will become possible after the end of the war in Ukraine, which will give a start to “the formation of a new world order.” This is precisely the mission of Russia in the international arena: to create “a more just and secure world order.” It must guarantee that the security of any state will not be “carried out by reducing the level of security of another state”, and will not allow any peoples to increase their well-being at the expense of other peoples or states.

The authors of the manual emphasize that about President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated this in his Munich speech back in 2007, when “Russia became the prophet of the coming dehegemonization of international relations.” That is why most of the world is consolidating around it.

As reported, in previous training manuals, the Kremlin ordered propagandists to draw parallels between the war in Ukraine, the baptism of Russia and the Battle of Neva. At the same time, Russia's military aggression is proposed to be called “the fight against the godless.”


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