Putin regrets taking time to annex Donbas in a meeting with the mothers of soldiers

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  • Organizations of relatives of soldiers at the front denounce that they were not summoned and regret the difficulties in contacting the authorities

Putin regrets taking time to annex Donbas in a meeting with the mothers of soldiers

With the Mother's Day as it falls –in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November-, the president, Vladimir Putin , wanted to take advantage of the proximity of this date to meet with 18 mothers of soldiers who are currently on the front Ukrainian to talk about the current situation and to listen to your requests. During the course of the meeting he took the opportunity to sell his speech. One of the hottest topics of this 2022 has been the annexation of Donbas, and the Russian leader regretted this. not having done it before. He specifically said that “it has now become obvious that the reunification (with Russia) should have happened earlier.” “Maybe there wouldn't have been as many civilian casualties,” he adds.

According to official sources, there were relatives of both reservists and mobilized members at the meeting. However Telegram channels like Mozhem Obyasnit –We Can Explain– have identified some of the mothers as sympathetic voices to the Russian authorities. This is the case, for example, of the Moscow official and deputy of United Russia–the party of the Russian president–, Olga Beltseva, the director of Orthodox patriotic films Olseya Shigina or the head of the Moscow region. of the All-Russian Popular Front–a pro-government political coalition and related to Putin-Yulia Belekova. Despite the clear relationship with the Russian authorities, these same sources also point out that it is not known with certainty if the relatives of the women attending the meeting are really in Ukraine fighting.  One of the topics that was also touched on The question at the meeting was whether it would be necessary to mobilize more Russian men. Putin responded by saying: that “it won't be necessary, it's enough.”

During the meeting, the Russian president took advantage of to give some other messages to mothers, such as for them to doubt what they can read on the Internet. He specifically pointed out He stated that “there are many falsifications, deceptions, lies, there are many information attacks. (…) Such attacks are one of the quite effective types of [information] warfare.” He also insured who closely follows the offensive even talking to the soldiers. “When I sometimes talk to them, I spoke directly to the guys on the phone, but in any case, I talked to those who even surprised me with their state of mind, their attitude towards the matter,” explained the former. Putin told those present, pointing out that they are usually taken by surprise when he calls them himself.

With our backs turned to other mothers

The association Consejo de Madres y Esposas, created by relatives of military personnel, regretted this decision. that they were not invited to the event and criticized the management of the Russian authorities. Olga Tsukanova, the leader of this organization, explained the to Russian media such as Nastoyashee Bremya – Current Time – They sent “invitations to the Defense Ministry, to the military prosecutor's office and to the human rights commissioner, to the State Duma.”

They wanted to meet Putin and other authorities. “Why don't they call those women who have been here since Sunday? We came here with our own money, we have arrived, we are looking for answers from Putin,” lamented Mr. Tsukanova. He even insured This portal began to follow them “in cars and on foot”. From their organization they point out that this meeting was organized by I will be with “fake” mothers who won't ask awkward questions. Among the Council's requests is He will supervise the mobilization to verify its operation, promote peace negotiations and not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. “It is necessary that in this situation our government and Putin, as commander-in-chief, make titanic efforts so that people stop dying,” said the president. Tsukanova in the interview.