Putin: “The world awaits the most dangerous decade since World War II”

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“We are facing a historic turning point. (…) This is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of the >World War II“. The Russian president, Vladímir Putin, returned this Thursday to mark strong distances with the West during his annual speech at the Russian debate center Valdai Moscow Club & uacute ;, and accused him & ló; from “go to the escalation of tension” and “destabilize the world market for food and energy”. ; coming to an end”. And he warned: “Who sows winds, reaps storms.”on the front lines to protect the integrity of the country – including the occupied regions of southern and eastern Ukraine-, Putin that his government “has never spoken” of this option and insisted on accusations that kyiv prepares a “dirty bomb,” a radioactive-coated conventional explosive that disperses upon detonation.

admitted that “as long as nuclear weapons exist, there will always be the danger of their use,” but he recalled that that the United States was the only country that has used the atomic bomb against another non-atomic State, in 1945 in Japan.

According to the president, Russia what What it does is “defend its right to exist“, while the Western powers want to “destroy” and “wipe off the map” the Eurasian country.

At one point in his speech came to point out that the objective of Moscow regarding the West is “to be friends, to dialogue and to strengthen mutual trust and peace“, despite having begun last February 2022 the so-called “military operation” by the Russian ruling party. special” in Ukraine.

“Russia does not propose to replace unipolarity with bipolarity or tripolarity. Replacing the dominance of the West with the dominance of the East, North or South would inevitably lead to a new impasse,” he opined. Instead, he advocated reflecting the world's diversity in the structures of UN, including the Security Council. In this sense, he added that tomorrow, it will depend Much more than is believed today from countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America.” “The increase in their influence, without a doubt, is positive”, he said

The Ukrainian front

He barely mentioned the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and when it did so it was to justify its need, from the point of view of the Kremlin. The first reason to start it was, as he related, the “expansion plans of NATO” at the expense of Ukraine; the second, “kyiv's refusal to comply with the Minsk agreements.” These 2015 peace agreements between Russia and Ukraine included a ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, restoring Ukraine's control over the region and guaranteeing Donbas self-government, among other points.

“For us, this meant that we had to do something with the Donbas,” he argued. the Russian leader. reasoned that “recognizing their independence (from the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics) and simply leaving them to their own devices was generally unacceptable.”  

He also emphasized He spoke about the consequences of the conflict, mainly economic, “unappealable”, but which, he assured, “have strengthened Russian sovereignty”. The Russian economy has suffered multiple sanctions, blockades and other boycotts throughout this 2022 that have harmed individuals and companies in the Eurasian country. Despite the difficulties,  Putin asserted that “attempts to sink the Russian economy have failed and it has adapted to the new reality.”