Putin's attacks may herald a brutal new phase of war – CNN

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Putin's attacks may herald a brutal new phase of war - CNN

The Russian leader changes strategy from a losing war on the battlefield to a campaign to undermine the morale of the civilian population and damage Ukrainian cities.

The latest Russian attacks in Ukraine may be caused by the fury of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the incident on the Crimean bridge. However, indiscriminate attacks on civilians also increase the likelihood of a new terrible turn in the war, writes CNN October 11.

“The message is clear to the whole world. Putin does not intend to humiliate himself. He does not accept defeat. And he is quite ready to massacre among the civilian population and indiscriminate terror in response to a series of setbacks on the battlefield,” the TV channel notes.

The strikes on October 10 had little military significance and “reflected Putin's need to find new defeat to Ukraine on the battlefield.”

“The bombing of power facilities seems like a subtle nod to the suffering that the Russian president could inflict with the onset of winter, even if his troops retreat in the face of Ukrainian troops using Western weapons,” the article emphasizes. article.

Recall that on the morning of October 10, the enemy launched a massive missile attack on the cities of Ukraine.

Infrastructure facilities in 12 regions and Kyiv were damaged, 19 people were killed and 105 suffered.

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