“Putin’s expiration date has expired”: journalists told who could become the next president of the Russian Federation

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According to journalists, discussions have begun in Russia about what will happen to the regime in the country if Vladimir Putin cannot stay in power. Some analysts believe that younger politicians will lead the state.

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The son of the Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, Dmitry, who now holds the post of Minister of Agriculture in the Russian Federation, may be the successor to Russian President Vladimir Putin and become the head of the Kremlin. The Washington Post writes about this.

It is reported that Dmitry Patrushev will turn 45 next week. He personifies the change of generations in the Russian Federation.

As an anonymous source previously close to Nikolai Patrushev told reporters, Dmitry could be made prime minister in one day, and president the next day.

“He speaks several languages. He is young and did not participate in the war,” the source said.

A former associate of Nikolai Patrushev also said that his son Dmitry is a representative of the system.

“If he says:” Our position is this, I have half of the Federation Council and the Duma , let's announce elections,” he will say from the position of the state. Navalny speaks only as a person from the street,” the source said.

Vladimir Putin's departure from the post of President of the Russian Federation

Journalists write that the prospect of the Russian elite turning against Putin seems remote, but Russia has a history of indiscriminate regime changes, as in 1917 and 1991. Multiple defeats on the battlefields and national fury over a failed military mobilization broke the taboo in Moscow on discussions about what would happen if Putin did lose.

The publication writes that Putin himself came to power as a result of a quasi-legal succession process: he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and then Acting Prime Minister by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who resigned within five months, catapulting his chosen successor to the presidency.

As a reminder, that the Putin elite is preparing a coup d'état to prevent a nuclear war. Journalists write that if Putin decides to use nuclear weapons, high-ranking officers, apparently, should be expected to mutiny. As a result, the head of the Kremlin will resign or die.