Putin's regime is weakening: behind-the-scenes struggle for power is going on in the Kremlin, – expert


The Putin regime is weakening: there is an undercover power struggle in the Kremlin, — expert

According to Yale University professor Timothy Snyder, this is indicated by the fact that officials like Medvedev felt free to make loud statements . Before February 24, this was not the case.

Yale University history professor Timothy Snyder said the day before that the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin is beginning to weaken and that preparations have begun for a struggle for power. Newsweek reports this.

As evidence, Snyder cited the fact that some Russian officials, such as Dmitry Medvedev, threaten Ukraine and the West with consequences.

The former Russian president recently warned that Western intervention in the war could lead to Ukraine losing sovereignty and disappear from the political map of the world.

It's easy to fall into the trap of Russian propaganda trying to intimidate, Snyder said, but the point of such statements is that people in power other than Putin feel empowered to make such statements. Before the start of the acute phase of the war, this was less common.

Doomsday threats demonstrate loyalty to the Putin regime and, possibly, indicate preparations for a struggle for power after his departure.

“In the case if Russia loses the war, people who are now making radical statements will be able to defend themselves,” Snyder said, adding that such statements also indicate that the Russian Federation is losing.

Who will be after Putin ?

According to an employee of Yale University, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev can tread the road to the presidential chair, which he once occupied. Perhaps Medvedev will be Putin's successor.

“I’m not sure that Medvedev, who for many years was considered a liberal alternative to Putin, believes the anti-Semitic, anti-Polish and anti-Western statements that he publishes on his Telegram. He simply creates such a personal profile that he may be useful in the future, as is the case with his profile as a technocrat, which was once beneficial to him,” the professor added.

The realities of an unpredictable, costly war undermine the balance that keeps Putin in power: control of rivals, support from the population and the army.

“Putin skillfully kept everyone in the fog. But now he himself, apparently, is lost in the fog of war,” said Professor Snyder.

Who is Timothy Snyder?

Timothy Snyder is an American historian and writer, professor at Yale University. He specializes in issues of Eastern Europe and, in particular, Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Explores issues of nationalism, totalitarianism and the Holocaust.

According to some Western experts, Russia has bitten off more than it can swallow, and Putin is gradually losing power. Military researcher Lawrence Friedman said the war in Ukraine marked the inability of the Russian president to impose a strategy that would give the troops a clear advantage.


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