Putin’s statement about the launch of mission to Mars beautiful potrollit network: “Arrived”

Заявление Путина о запуске миссии на Марс красиво потроллили в сети: «Прилетели уже»

The network has a new fun of an absurd statement from the Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the start of a mission to Mars.

Some time ago, Vladimir Putin made a new statement during one of his few interviews. Russian Garant said that next year the authorities plan to resume space activities of the country. Specifically, Putin has hinted at sending a mission to Mars in the near future. Video clip of interview podelilsa user novel in the social network Twitter.

However, this statement caused quite mochi, which, most likely, would like to see Vladimir Putin. In social networks the planned mission was taken seriously, and Vice versa — scale ridiculed. The Russians reminded the leader that the country has a large number of problems, and this news is unlikely to be implemented.

Also, there was mounted a video fragment of the statement from Putin and a scene from the famous Soviet film “Love and pigeons”, where the characters say the phrase — “Arrived probably.”

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