QS candidate apologizes for replacing a PQ leaflet with hers | Elections Quebec 2022

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A QS candidate apologizes for having replaced a PQ leaflet with her own | Élections Quebec 2022

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The candidate of QS in Camille-Laurin, Marie-Eve Rancourt, admits having acted badly by replacing a leaflet making promoting the candidacy of his PQ opponent Paul St-Pierre Plamondon through one of his own leaflets.

A sign that the fight is fierce in the Montreal riding of Camille-Laurin, where the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is running: the candidate of Québec solidaire (QS), Marie-Eve Rancourt, was caught in the act of replacing a PQ leaflet with her own in a voter's mailbox.

The gesture of Ms. Rancourt, who is a lawyer, was denounced on Facebook by a resident of the riding who filmed the scene using one of the surveillance cameras installed around her residence, in the Mercier sector.< /p> Start of the Twitter widget. Skip widget? End of Twitter widget. Back to top of the widget?

The images shared on the social network first show a PQ volunteer dropping off a Paul St-Pierre Plamondon flyer in the resident's mailbox.

We then see Ms. Rancourt depositing her own leaflet in the said mailbox… and picking up the one previously left by the Parti Québécois.

Joined by Radio-Canada, the resident in question, Guy Misson, said he was shocked that a candidate could do such a thing.

Having called the gesture unacceptable on Facebook, Mr. Misson clarified that he would have reacted the same regardless of political party.

This matter, that being said, will not affect his vote, as the latter has already been cast in the advance poll.

I' x27;voted for the CAQ in 2018 to get the Liberals out, but there, after listening to the debates, I decided this year to vote for the PQ as I have always done, he said. he confided.

Marie-Eve Rancourt did not want to grant an interview to Radio-Canada on Monday, referring us to QS communications managers.

The candidate, however, apologized to Mr. Misson. You're right, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, she wrote under her publication, with her personal account. That day was tough (that's no reason, I know). I'm sorry. Have a good end of the campaign.

On her account as a candidate, Ms. Rancourt also [held] to [apologize] personally to Paul St-Pierre. It should never have happened, she admitted. All candidates have their place in this race and I am committed to finishing this electoral sprint with respect and the rules of the art.

Located in the east of Montreal, the riding of Camille-Laurin is hotly contested this year. Both Ms. Rancourt and Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon hope to dislodge the incumbent, Richard Campeau, from the Coalition avenir Québec.

Neither the PQ leader nor the spokespersons for Québec solidaire n& #x27;have again reacted to the controversy.

Élections Québec indicated that it could not “intervene in this regard”, since the electoral law “does not regulate this type of situation”.

During the 2021 federal election, Liberal candidate in Calgary-Skyview, George Chahal, was also filmed by a surveillance camera in the process of replacing the flyer of x27;an opponent by his in a voter's mailbox. Revealed after his election, this affair had earned him a $500 fine.

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