Quebec-Lévis Tunnel: François Legault admits there is no study | Elections Quebec 2022

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Québec-Lévis Tunnel: François Legault admits that there’s no study | &Elections Québec 2022

François Legault, leader of the Coalition avenir Québec

For the first time, outgoing Prime Minister François Legault admits that there is no study supporting his project for a four-lane tunnel between Quebec and Lévis. The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) “hopes” to have one within a year.

The studies that had been done were the studies requested by the Liberals , which did not speak of a four-lane tunnel, said François Legault, Friday, in the middle of his electoral campaign.

“There is no study that takes the four-lane tunnel project, including two lanes for public transport, there is none, none. They are in the process of doing them, the studies, we are not starting from scratch, it is progressing. We hope in the next year to be able to have all the results of the studies, we continue to move forward because we need a third link. »

— François Legault, head of the CAQ

Recently, the outgoing Prime Minister had however hinted that studies existed, but that they should be updated. day.

During his appearance on the show Cinq chefs, unelectionon Radio-Canada on September 4, the host asked the outgoing Prime Minister if he could reveal serious studies supporting the project. François Legault had made it known that there were some, but that teleworking caused by the pandemic made these studies obsolete.

For months, the opposition parties in the National Assembly, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, and journalists have been hounding the government to reveal its studies to the population.

Conservative leader Éric Duhaime reacted immediately. It's amazing, they are telling us that they have no study. Wait, there you're talking about the two tunnels, but remember a couple of months ago it was a big multi-story tunnel, so that means they've done some mockups and they're trying to impress us with it, but it's still based on nothing. Then there, they tell us that it will take another year before we have a study? Let's see, it's wind, their business! Éric Duhaime proposes, as a third link, a bridge between Quebec and Lévis that would pass through Île d'Orléans.

In addition to Mr. Duhaime, the political class was quick to react.

I fall out of my chair. It's been four years […] and we still don't have a study. What he is telling us is that he is campaigning on a drawing, said liberal leader Dominique Anglade, who indicates that François Legault does not has no defense on file.

We thought they had studies, but they were hiding them. It's worse, they don't have one. I can't believe it. They are saying: we are going to put seven billion on a question of feeling, indicated Sol Zanetti, outgoing solidarity deputy in Jean-Lesage.

This third link project is an improvisation from the start. There is no rigor, added the PQ candidate in Taschereau, Jeanne Robin. It's not the right studies that have been done. This is unacceptable.

With information from Olivier Lemieux

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