Quebec reaches agreement with dentists for care covered by RAMQ


Quebec reaches agreement with dentists for care covered by RAMQ

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">The agreement concerns dental care offered to children under the age of 10 and to social assistance recipients covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec.

It finally took seven years before Quebec succeeded in reaching an agreement with the dental surgeons of the province for the provision of services that are covered by the public plan.

The agreement between the government and the Association of dental surgeons of Quebec (ACDQ) had expired since April 2015. The President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, announced Friday in a press release that a new agreement was finally concluded with the 4,300 dental surgeons in Quebec.

It is under this agreement that children under the age of 10 and health care providers social assistance can receive free dental care, since they are covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

No details have leaked out as to the content of this agreement, which remains to be submitted to the members, but the main stumbling block in the negotiations concerned the recognition of the operating costs of dental clinics. According to information obtained by The Canadian Press, the issue is indeed included in the agreement, but it was not resolved to the full satisfaction of the dentists.

The conflict had led 1,400 dentists to opt out of the public dental care system in mid-February 2020, just before the outbreak of the health crisis. This disengagement did not deprive beneficiaries of free dental care, but caused administrative headaches for RAMQ.

However, a month later, on March 18, 2020, the 1,400 dentists in question had rejoined the public plan so as not to add to the difficulties of the network in the midst of the first wave.

In her press release, Minister LeBel said that she was very pleased with this mutually satisfactory agreement for the parties and she saluted their remarkable efforts to reach its conclusion. Our dentists are important and guarantee access to quality care and services for all citizens of Quebec.

For his part, the president of the x27;Association of Dental Surgeons, Dr. Carl Tremblay, issued a brief comment via email: After five arduous years of negotiation with the government over a framework agreement that expired in April 2015, we have finally in our hands a proposal that we can present to our members at our next general meeting.

Dr. Tremblay also wanted to highlight the dedication of the members of the ACDQ for continuing to provide care to beneficiaries for seven years despite the absence of an agreement.


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