Québec solidaire is committed to fighting against heat islands


Québec solidaire is committed to fighting against heat islands

Québec solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé was in Sherbrooke on Thursday.

Québec solidaire pledged to fight against heat islands during a visit by its co-spokesperson Manon Massé to Sherbrooke on Thursday.

The City of Sherbrooke has already partnered with the Montreal Urban Ecology Center to set up Sous les pavés, a pilot project to replace asphalt with greenery. of sites with a public vocation to subsequently transform them, explains the director general of the Center for Urban Ecology of Montreal Véronique Fournier.

This participatory approach aims to ensure that municipalities fight against heat islands, among other things. The latter are multiplying in urban areas, including downtown Sherbrooke.

The electoral commitment made by Québec solidaire on Thursday in Sherbrooke is in line with this line. The political party wants to invest a minimum of $150 million per year to green government buildings.

“Across Quebec, Quebec government institutions are often the main heat islands of municipalities. Let's take our responsibilities, […] to give quality of life to our fellow citizens. »

— Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

The Fleurimont and Hôtel-Dieu hospitals, the CHSLD D'Youville and the Mitchell schools -Montcalm and du Triolet are among the targeted government buildings.

What needs to be done is to green the parking lots, perhaps make sure to reduce the parking spaces, take care of the roofs as well so that they are paler. These are works that can be done to minimize the impact of these buildings and adjacent land on heat in the neighborhood, explains Sherbrooke MP Christine Labrie.

The two supportive MPs argue that the impacts of heat islands are felt more particularly on vulnerable populations, including children and seniors.

With information from René-Charles Quirion


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