Québec solidaire is now calling for the departure of Amira Elghawaby

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Québec solidaire reclaims now the departure of Amira Elghawaby

The main interested party reportedly refused to meet the party before she took office on February 20.

Amira Elghawaby is unanimous against her in Quebec.

The National Assembly is now unanimous to demand the resignation of Amira Elghawaby, who was appointed special advisor on the fight against Islamophobia to the federal government despite her numerous controversial statements about Quebecers.

The only party that had abstained from voting in favor of the CAQ motion demanding his departure last week, Québec solidaire (QS), said Tuesday morning in a statement sent to the press that it was no longer going it alone on this file.

The formation, which forms the second opposition group in Parliament, now wants Ms Elghawaby to be relieved of her duties.

“Clearly Justin Trudeau's strategy is a failure. The controversy he has created in the last days has only divided Quebec. In this context, Québec solidaire comes to the conclusion that Ms. Elghawaby is not the right person to lead the fight against Islamophobia in Quebec. »

— Excerpt from the declaration of Québec solidaire

Before taking a position on the subject, QS had undertaken last week to discuss with the counselor these past statements and [de] her vision of the fight against Islamophobia in the Quebec context, he recalls. .

But after initially agreeing to a meeting, Ms. Elghawaby reportedly told party leaders she was not going to [them] meet before February 20, the date of his official taking office.

However, this meeting was precisely intended to determine whether she was, in our opinion, the right person to occupy this position, QS lamented on Tuesday, saying that he regretted this situation.

This controversy, that said , must not set back our fight against Islamophobia, underlines the party. For this reason, he announces the tabling of a motion to demand the rapid implementation of a Quebec plan to fight against Islamophobia.

The ball is now in the court of the CAQ, the PQ and the PLQ: it is up to them to demonstrate that beyond Ms. Elghawaby's words, they take the fight against Islamophobia in Quebec seriously, argues QS.< /p>

Amira Elghawaby's nomination has been causing a stir since her announcement on January 26, particularly because she wrote in 2019 that a majority of Quebecers were animated out of anti-Muslim sentiment.

In Ottawa, both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Bloc Québécois demanded his resignation.

In Quebec, the Legault government did the same. The CAQ even passed a motion in the National Assembly to demand the departure of Ms. Elghawaby, a motion behind which the Liberals and the PQ lined up. Only QS had put its decision on hold.

The main interested party has since apologized to Quebecers. But the controversy refuses to die down. Just yesterday, more than 200 people wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for the departure of Amira Elghawaby and the abolition of her position.