Québec solidaire promises a tramway in Sherbrooke | Elections Quebec 2022

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Québec solidaire promises a tramway in Sherbrooke | Élections Québec 2022

Québec solidaire spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, in the presence of party candidates in Estrie.

Québec solidaire spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau- Dubois, was in Sherbrooke on Saturday to announce several measures to improve public transit there, including the construction of two tram lines.

Québec solidaire presented its plan for the massive expansion of public transit in the Sherbrooke metropolitan area. This plan includes, among other things, the construction of two tram lines and the development of nine high-frequency bus lines, the possible route of which has already been identified.

Québec solidaire has identified the route of the two tram lines and the nine high-frequency bus lines it wishes to build.

Outgoing MP and solidarity candidate for Sherbrooke, Christine Labrie , specified that this tramway would have two lines, one to the north, one to the south of the Magog River, to really reach the entire City of Sherbrooke, from east to west, up to Rock Forest, up to ;in Fleurimont.

According to Québec solidaire, this announcement responds to the demands of Sherbrooke residents. I saw a survey that was published by chance, yesterday morning, which showed that 71% of people in Sherbrooke want a train rather than an airport and this support rises to 83% among young people, explains Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, referring to a Segma-La Tribune-107.7 FM poll, released Friday.

Christine Labrie adds that citizens have been asking us for alternatives for getting around for years. They want to be able to use public transit to go to work, but the public transit offer we currently have does not meet their needs.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he is aware of the costs of these measures. To carry out this project, Québec solidaire is ready to invest accordingly. We are going to invest 4.2 billion by 2030, for the creation of this structuring network. This amount is part of their provincial Vision 2030 plan.

For comparison, candidate Christine Labrie adds that Grenoble, which is a city of similar size to Sherbrooke, has had a tramway in its city for about thirty years, they even have five lines. I will not apologize for having ambition for my city, in Sherbrooke.

The solidarity candidates, Philippe Pagé, from Richmond, and Mélissa Généreux, from Saint-François, was also present for this announcement.

In addition, Québec solidaire wishes to connect Sherbrooke with the intercity transport network of Québec-Rail and Québec-Bus , two new transport entities also promised in their electoral program.

On Friday, Québec solidaire announced the creation of a train line between Sherbrooke and Montreal, as part of the creation of Québec-Rail.

During #x27;a press briefing held at Mont-Orford on Saturday morning, the candidate of the Coalition Avenir Québec in Sherbrooke, Caroline St-Hilaire, underlined her disagreement with the proposal of Québec Solidaire, wondering who will have to pay for such commitment.

For his part, the Parti Québécois candidate for the same riding, Yves Bérubé-Lauzière describes the announcement of Québec solidaire as irresponsible.

< p class="e-p">François Vaes, candidate for the Liberal Party of Quebec in Sherbrooke, considers the proposal to be unrealistic.

For now, the Conservative Party of Quebec did not respond to our request for feedback.

Québec solidaire's mid-campaign rally takes place on Saturday evening at the Théâtre Granada.

With information from Thomas Fortier

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