Québec solidaire spokesperson Manon Massé visiting Rimouski


Québec solidaire spokesperson Manon Massé visiting Rimouski

Manon Massé came to Rimouski to spend the day with local QS candidate Carol-Ann Kack.

Québec solidaire (QS) spokesperson Manon Massé was in Rimouski on Friday to support the party's candidate for the riding of Rimouski, Carol-Ann Kack. The two politicians took the opportunity to propose solutions to counter the housing shortage and the lack of child care spaces.

Québec solidaire demands that rent control be introduced, in particular by making the annual rent increase recommendations binding.

Just for the past year, the Administrative [Housing] Court has told landlords: “You can increase your rents by 0.8%”. What is the average for the last year? It's 3.4%. What is the average here in Rimouski? 18%. So what we are proposing is to reverse things, explains Manon Massé.

“Scarcity housing, it puts enormous pressure on price increases […]. Excessive increases, there are many. People are more vulnerable than ever. »

— Carol-Ann Kack, Quebec solidaire candidate in the riding of Rimouski

QS candidate in the riding of Rimouski, Carol-Ann Kack, clarified that the party is also proposing that the landlords justify their rent increases before the Administrative Housing Tribunal. Currently, it is up to the tenants to challenge their rent increase if it seems excessive to them.

The political party also wants Quebec to invest massively in the construction of social housing.< /p>

The party suggests giving a monthly benefit of $870 to families who don't have a child care space.

For parents who do not have places, because we cannot invent them, temporary emergency benefits are needed. We must be able to provide them with a basic income. If you can't go back to work because you have your child at home, it doesn't make sense to be in a precarious situation like this, says Carol-Ann Kack.

According to Québec solidaire, these solutions would help retain young people in the regions and develop the full potential of Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The housing vacancy rate in Rimouski is 0.2%.

According to Québec solidaire, 550 children do not have daycare spaces in the MRC de Rimouski-Neigette.

With information from Isabelle Damphousse


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