Québec solidaire wants more green spaces in Trois-Rivières


Qu&eacute ;bec solidaire wants more green spaces in Trois-Rivières

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was in Trois-Rivières on Monday, along with solidarity candidates Steven Roy Cullen, Marjolaine Trottier, Simon Piotte and France Lavigne (from right to left).< /p>

Québec solidaire wants to develop more green spaces in Trois-Rivières to fight against heat islands. His co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (GND) campaigned in the municipality on Monday to promote this electoral commitment.

The heat waves are getting more and more intense, increasingly long and frequent, and it's becoming a health problem in some neighborhoods. We must green our cities, underlined Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Present at his side, the solidarity candidate in Trois-Rivières, Steven Roy Cullen, has targeted three priority neighborhoods where new green spaces will be developed if his party is brought to power on October 3. These are the Saint-Philippe, Jean-Nicolet and Saint-François-d'Assise districts, which are particularly vulnerable to periods of great heat, according to him. It doesn't make sense that in some neighborhoods the mercury soars to 40 degrees because of heat islands. For seniors and vulnerable people, it's downright dangerous, insists Steven Roy Cullen.

Consult the interactive map of heat islands from the Government of Quebec

< p class="e-p">His party wants to devote 1% of the province's annual investments in public infrastructure, or $150 million allocated to the greening of urban neighborhoods across the province.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Steven Roy Cullen interviewed on the show En direct

The greening offensive that Québec solidaire wishes to lead does not exclude industrial sites, assures Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. Asked about his vision for the controversial Carrefour 40-55 industrial park expansion project, the co-spokesperson replied that environmental destruction in the name of economic development is a thing of the past.

In 2022, what must be done is to develop the economy, attract businesses and create good jobs, but respecting nature, he insisted.

Steven Roy Cullen agrees. The candidate is convinced that there is an alternative to destroying 15 hectares of wetlands. I will be there as an MP to support the City of Trois-Rivières to develop the green energy sector. On the other hand, if we develop it by destroying a wetland, we are no further ahead… I am sure that there is a solution to this problem.

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