Queen Elizabeth II faced a new loss



    • Queen Elizabeth II has suffered a new loss

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    • Queen Elizabeth II has suffered another loss

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    • Queen Elizabeth II has suffered a new loss

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    Queen Elizabeth II has suffered another loss< /p>

    Lady Myra Butter was a cousin of Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, and a descendant of Nicholas I and the poet Alexander Pushkin.

    97-year-old Lady Myra Butter, a descendant of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I and the poet Alexander Pushkin, with whom the British Queen Elizabeth II had been friends since childhood, died in London. This comes just months after Butter returned the Pushkin Medal, awarded to her by personal decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, due to “terrible suffering” in Ukraine caused by the Russian Federation, according to the Daily Mail.

    According to relatives , she died “peacefully” in her home.

    Myra Butter was born in Edinburgh in 1925, the son of Sir Harold Werner and great-great-granddaughter of Nicholas I, Countess Anastasia Thorby. She has been a close friend of the queen all her life, and their friendship began when both she and the future monarch were children.

    In an interview, the woman told how she met the queen as a child, explaining: “Buckingham Palace took a few girls to become part of this company to make it more fun.” She meant princesses Elizabeth and her sister Margaret

    Myra described the crowned friend as a person with “a very good sense of humor, which she retained throughout her life.” In addition, Lady Butter was very friendly with her cousin, the late Duke of Edinburgh, Her Majesty's husband.

    Elizabeth attended her wedding to the late Major David Butter at Westminster in 1946. The couple had five children.

    In 2017, Lady Butter opened up about Prince Philip's retirement:

    “He always spoke quite openly: 'I've expired. He never intended to do it until the Queen's 90th birthday – he planned to be there for her. But we all felt that this was the moment.”

    Last year, a friend of the queen shared with the press information about how much the monarch yearns for her husband. She noted that his dedication to duty meant that “no one could do the job” quite like him.

    Queen Elizabeth II has suffered another loss

    Offering an understanding of the Queen's grief, Lady Butter said that the Duke was “the world Queen” and that she would be “lost” without her husband.

    Lady Butter has always preferred to be in the shadow of the life of the royal court, but she was talked about loudly in March of this year, when she returned the above-mentioned award from the Russian authorities for “recognizing her work” bringing Russian and Scottish schoolchildren together and encouraging written English in schools.

    “I considered the medal such an honor when it came to Scotland at the best of times. We have always felt our deep roots with our ancestors in Russia and the great friendship of recent years. However, to see the terrible suffering that is happening now is unbearable, “wrote about to Consul Andrei Yakovlev.


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