Queen Elizabeth made a list of guests invited to the holiday. What about Meghan and Harry


According to media reports, the Queen arrived at Balmoral on Thursday and plans to stay at Craigowan Lodge, a seven-bedroom mansion on the estate, for 10 weeks.

 Queen Elizabeth made a list of guests invited to the holiday. What about Meghan and Harry

Queen Elizabeth II invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a joint summer vacation home of the royal family in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, as reported by HawkPost.

Will Meghan and Harry come to the royal residence on vacation? How will their decision affect further family relationships?

Balmoral Castle is a private estate of over 200 km2; in the Scottish Highlands, which is owned by the royal family. Despite the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were never photographed in the castle grounds, they appeared there not long after their wedding in May 2018.

Queen Elizabeth's annual summer vacation at Balmoral has begun, but questions from journalists and the public about Meghan and Harry's acceptance of the Queen's invitation have just been answered.

The truth about the royal list holiday visitors disclosed

Previous media reports revealed that the royal staff from Balmoral had been instructed to wait for the Queen's list of guests invited to the holiday this year. The media reported that Meghan and Harry were also on it and media speculation began as to whether the spouses would decide to accept the queen's invitation.

Now the New York Post reports that previous reports were not correct as the younger brother of claimant Harry and his spouse Meghan, and their children, were not invited to a holiday this year. Is it related to the already completed manuscript of Harry's diary?

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