Quick and delicious recipe for the prevention of joint disease

Joint disease called gout can be avoided if you know how. Gout occurs because of deposits in them of salts of uric acid. Traditionally, this disease affects any joints. But most often aggressive disease are the joints of the toes.

Быстрый и вкусный рецепт профилактики болезни суставов

Gout attacks are so strong and painful that the person is not able to sustain even the weight of bed sheets. The cause of gout may be a abuse of alcohol (especially beer), overeating, bad heredity, the abundance of meat-eating, sedentary lifestyle, kidney failure and blood diseases.

The final product of the metabolism of certain substances excreted by the kidneys is uric acid. When it contains in excess in the blood, of uric acid salts kristallizuetsya and deposited in the joints. This process has painful consequences.

There are products to help with outbreaks of gout, reduce uric acid levels in the blood. It beets, cucumber, celery, lettuce and potatoes.

There is a fairly simple, quick and delicious way to prevent gout. Need to do of the above vegetables. Taken in equal proportions, the juice. Preparing it is fast and simple. For its preparation you will need:
-cucumber – 1 medium size;
— lemon slice – 1;
— celery — 2 bunches;
young ginger root (about 1.5 cm).

Prepare juice: all the components are washed, crushed and put in juicer. The juice should be drunk once or twice a day as a means of prevention and as a way to ease the symptoms.

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