Racial Profiling: Roadside Stops Without Real Reason Banned in Quebec

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Racial profiling: roadside interceptions without real reason prohibited in Quebec

The scale, a symbol of justice

The Superior Court of Quebec prohibits in a judgment on racial profiling traffic stops without a real reason for the part of the police.

The court finds that this practice violates the rights guaranteed by sections 7 and 9 and paragraph 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“The preponderant evidence shows that over time, the arbitrary power granted to police officers to carry out traffic stops without cause has become for some of them a vector, even a safe conduct for racial profiling against the black community, ”wrote Judge Michel Yergeau.

“The time has come for the justice system to see this and declare that this unbounded power violates some of the constitutional guarantees of members of this community without such violation being justified”, he adds.

Judge Michel Yergeau does not believe that this will put an end to racial profiling. “There should be no illusions. Declaring inoperative under Section 52 of the Constitution the rule of law that permits traffic stops without real cause will not magically end racial profiling overnight,” he said.

More details to come.

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