Radins: this couple wins the lottery in 1998 and never admits it to their child

Stingy: This couple won the lottery in 1998 and never admitted it to their child

In 1998, a Belgian couple won a large sum of money in the lottery and never admitted it to their unsuspecting child .

In March 1998, Geert, a Belgian trade commissioner and his wife could not believe their eyes. They have just won the magnificent sum of 20 million Belgian francs, or €500,000, in the lottery. A totally crazy story that was relayed by our colleagues from the Brussels newspaper L’Echo, which does not stop there. Indeed, the lucky couple makes a surprising decision: that of not telling their child. “It's been 24 years now and he still doesn't know. He got everything he needed and never questioned it because we never flaunted it,” Geert said.

Result , their son was able to live comfortably, without suspecting that his parents had a nice sum in their account. An Lammens, who is responsible for advising national lottery winners in Belgium, told L’Echo: “Most of the time I talk to them on the phone after the draw. Then I try to convince them not to tell anyone, including their children and best friends, that they have won a large sum of money. » Then she added: “If you announce you've won, everyone will come knocking on your door to tell you the most dramatic and touching stories. People think it's okay for you to share, because money just falls from the sky. »

Jackpot in Brittany: a millionaire man

In Brgard, in the Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany, a man won on June 2, 2022 one million euros after having paid 10 euros to buy a scratch ticket with his newspaper, as communicated by the Française des jeux. “We are happy for the customer, for the business and for the city too, because this winning ticket boosts sales” said the manager of the bar-PMU. The lucky winner plans to please his family and attend more sporting events.

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