Raglan Mine Labor Dispute Deadlock


Impass in the labor dispute at the Raglan mine

Raglan Mine , in Nunavik.

Negotiations broke down between Glencore-owned Raglan Mine and the United Steelworkers during a conciliation meeting on Thursday.

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“We are confident that we could have reached a win-win deal, given the progress on all aspects of workers' conditions that already our global offer. »

— Pierre Barrette, Vice-President of Raglan Mine

The company stated that it aimed to conclude an agreement by July 10.

The union rather asserts that the employer party acted in bad faith, thus justifying its refusal to submit to the demands presented during the first conciliation session, which was held on Thursday and which was to continue this Friday.

The United Steelworkers, which represents the 630 workers at the Raglan mine who have been on strike since May 27, says they have given a dismissal to the employer party, which wanted negotiations to focus on the employer's offer tabled on May 5. , and if the union refused, the offer no longer held.

In a press release, the union recalls that the employer's offer submitted this spring was rejected in a proportion of 97, 5% and that the withdrawal of the employer's offer resulted in a return to square one.

“We want to go back to the negotiating table if the employer is willing to negotiate in good faith. »

— Éric Savard, President of Local 9449 of the United Steelworkers

The salary issue and the use of subcontractors are among the issues in this negotiation.


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