Rain Frog: The saddest frog you'll ever see


June 12, 2020, 2:39 p.m. | Animals

This gloomy frog is not really disappointed or upset, it's just how a black rain frog actually looks in nature.

Raining frog: the saddest frog you've ever seen

Internet users have found the saddest frog in the world and cannot take pity on it, reports Ukr.Media.

People compare an amphibian with a fluffy and cute dog. And the whole thing is in the strange face and the sounds that the heroine makes.

People on the Internet are obsessed with the Black Rain frog, which has an unusual appearance. The amphibian lives on the slopes of South Africa at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters and is considered an endemic – a member of the family that lives in a limited area.

In addition, the animal belongs to burrowing species that does not need open water.

However, Twitter users fell in love with the heroine not only for her unusual habitat, but also for her specific appearance.

To many people, the frog seems to be the cutest representative of tailless amphibians, and the sad face of the beauty evokes in the commentators a feeling of care and association with furry pets:

  • Unbelievable.
  • [The frog] looks like a dog .
  • She is cute.

Some netizens found the animal too sad and a little pensive, like a couple of amphibians who got separated due to a few weeks after the wedding:

  • This is the saddest frog I have ever seen. I love them.
  • The last of the frogs [pictured] looks like it needs a hug.
  • Lovely baby.
  • People are sure the frog is related connections with dogs, otherwise she wouldn't have caused such feelings.
  • Mr. Frog Black Rain, are you my father?

In addition to an interesting appearance, the animal gives no less interesting sounds that only increase the army of crazy fans every minute.


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