Rape Guilty Jacob Hoggard Sentencing Hearing Begins

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Beginning of the hearing on the sentencing of Jacob Hoggard, guilty of rape

The singer was convicted of raping an adult woman, but acquitted of raping a teenage girl.

Jacob Hoggard at the entrance to the Toronto courthouse for the start of his trial in May 2022.

Jacob Hoggard's sentencing hearing opens Thursday morning at the Toronto courthouse following the resounding jury trial that returned a mixed verdict against him in June. The lead singer of the late band Hedley was convicted of raping an adult, but acquitted of two sex-related charges against a teenage girl in the same year in 2016 in the Toronto area.

The Crown has never disclosed how many years in prison it will seek against Jacob Hoggard, but the 38-year-old singer faces a maximum of 14 years in prison.< /p>

After six intense days of deliberation, the mixed jury verdict confounded prosecutors.

Hoggard was found guilty of raping a resident of Ottawa who consented to have sex with him at his Toronto hotel in November 2016, while he was acquitted of that of a minor whom he had invited under false pretenses in a hotel in Mississauga three months earlier.

Jury foreman at Jacob Hoggard trial reads verdict against the accused, who is standing next to his lawyer, Megan Savard, on June 5, 2022 in Toronto.

The name and city of residence of the minor are covered with a publication ban to avoid identifying her.

The Crown had explained in its indictment that Jacob Hoggard could not be convicted of a single rape causing bodily harm, since his behavior with both women was exactly the same.

She had further portrayed the accused as a possessive, violent, and unempathetic sexual opportunist.

In this lawsuit, the singer's defense always said that his client had had a consensual relationship, but that the plaintiffs had fabricated their story in order to get revenge, because the singer did not want to know anything about them anymore.

Crown Attorney Jill Witkin presents her closing arguments to the jury on May 27, 2022.

The defense has decided to appeal the verdict of guilt held against his client.

In a press release, she wrote in particular in June that the verdict raised legal questions which will certainly attract the attention of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.< /p>

She mentioned that her client was very disappointed, but that he was grateful to the jury for having acquitted him of two other charges of a sexual nature against a teenager.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, decided not to appeal the two acquittals, but they tried unsuccessfully to have the singer's bail revoked to imprison him before his hearing this morning.


Ontario Superior Court Judge Gillian Roberts had refused to incarcerate the artist, but had tightened his release conditions at the request of the Crown pending a sentence. his punishment.

Jacob Hoggard testified at his own trial.

In particular, she explained that it was necessary to maintain public confidence in the administration of justice and to ensure that Jacob Hoggard did not vanish into thin air while awaiting his sentence.

Since the verdict, the singer, who works in construction, has therefore remained in British Columbia on a $200,000 bail.

He had been subject to strict conditions of release. His passport has been seized.

He is expected to return to Toronto on Thursday.

Jacob Hoggard is also facing new rape allegations over an encounter he had with a third complainant in June 2016 in Kirkland Lake.

The charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm was filed in March 2022, but was kept confidential due to the trial held in the spring over the complaints of the first two women.

Jacob Hoggard has already appeared in mid-summer virtually in court in Haileybury in northern Ontario on this matter.

A publication ban prevents us from saying more about the third sexual assault case.

No date has yet been scheduled for his second trial.

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