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Rapper Koba LaD, (again) in turmoil, accused of beating

Essonnian rapper Koba LaD is accused of beatings. for having participated à a bloody expedition targeting his former mentor and associate.

Koba LaD (again) in turmoil. The young rapper from Essonne is accused, along with three other people, of having spent à tobacco and sequestered his former mentor, Deuspi, reports Le Parisien. The latter had worn complaint in July 2022, more than two months after the events, against four people, including Marcel Loutarila, alias Koba LaD. In his story, Deuspi recounts having been beaten up and sequestered in a house in Vert-Saint-Denis, in Seine-et-Marne, on April 18, 2022. He would have been hit à blow from the butt of a revolver and "stabbing" to the skull, back and left side," reports Le Parisien.

The four men implicated by Deuspi would then have demanded from him 200,000 euros as well as the signing of a document breaking the contract which binds him to Koba LaD. The house would also have been stripped of "luxury watches, two motorcycles, an Audi RS 6 and even the Audi RS 3 belonging to the owner. the victim's sister”, lists the daily newspaper. Deuspi will get away with two weeks of incapacity. total work (ITT). With Koba LaD, they had worked on together for several years, from the beginnings of the rapper, who defined Deuspi as "his safe guy" in an interview given to the Streetpress site, or its "legal representative" in another  Ptit Delire Tv.

According to the story in Le Parisien, the divorce between Koba LaD and Deuspi would have been consumed at the beginning of last year, when the rapper had just been released from prison for a violent brawl in a Parisian nightclub in November 2022. "I mixed everything up with that. . When I look at the contracts (…) I say to myself but in fact, from the start, they were in the process of developing a contract. fuck me,” explains Koba LaD in May 2023. Mouloud Achour in Clique, talking about “money that has been taken away” “hijacked”, “full of bluff, false contracts, contracts signed at will”. my place."

What does Koba LaD risk in this matter?

The rapper, who is already facing up to 20 years in prison for various cases, including that of the nightclub and another case of violence in meetings at a meeting. Marseille in 2020, big to; lose in this new legal story. According to Le Parisien, he admitted to having hit someone. Deuspi in front of investigators from the Seine-et-Marne judicial police, then in his prison cell where he was arrested. have been hidden microphones. "He carried complaint two months after he was broken the mouth, contextualizes the artist on listening. It's a poukave (a scale, editor's note.), we typed it in April", he would have launched à his fellow inmate, still according to the newspaper.

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