Rapper Moha La Squale arrested in Paris, details of his arrest revealed


Rapper Moha La Squale arrested in Paris, details of his arrest revealed

Currently , under judicial control, Moha La Squale was arrested last night. It was when he got off his train that the rapper was arrested.

Friday evening, the police officers of the railway network brigade were waiting for Moha La Squale. They arrested him when he got off his train from Essen in Germany. Real name Mohamed Bellahmed, Moha La Squale, is a 27-year-old French rapper. He has been known on the web since 2017 for his clips on Facebook. His debut album, Bendero, was released in 2018. Benderowill go platinum only six months after its release. Having just released his second album, L’Apache, last April, here he is, once again, struggling with justice.

Refusal to comply, outrage and rebellion“, these were the facts with which he was charged on June 19, 2020 during his first arrest. This event had made the headlines of the newspapers and social networks of the time since his arrest had been filmed by a passerby. For these facts, he had been sentenced to six months of house arrest with an electronic bracelet. But it was in September 2020 that three women complained against him for violence and kidnapping. On June 16, 2021, Moha La Squale was indicted for “violence and sexual assault by spouse, death threats and kidnapping“.

Non-compliance with his judicial review< /h2>

The singer would therefore not have respected the obligations of his judicial review. It was at 8:20 p.m., Friday June 10, 2022, that Moha La Squale was arrested at the Gare du Nord. As he got off the Thalys, he was reportedly arrested as part of an arrest warrant for violation of the judicial control to which he is subject. While he has claimed his innocence since the start of the case, he has not respected his obligations. Walled in silence since the start of the affair, he spoke on Instagram in October 2021. By posting “oh the liar, she is in love“, he nevertheless divided Internet users.< /p>