Raquel Garrido accused of modern slavery: all the info on the man who broke into her home


Raquel Garrido charged with modern slavery: All the facts about the man who broke into the house she

Raquel Garrido has been charged with modern slavery and here's everything we know about the case.

This is a bad buzz that Raquel Garrido could have done without. The 48-year-old Franco-Chilean politician was despite herself accused of modern slavery: “Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière, deputies of rebellious France, employ a cleaning lady without a residence permit for a year” could we read in particular in the columns of Point . It would then be a 36-year-old Algerian woman who is not regularized. This case, which has been around the web for a few days, has forced Cyril Hanouna’s former columnist to restore the truth.

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On her Twitter account, Raquel Garrido wanted to make things clear by denying the words of Le Point. According to her, it’s just a “package of lies”and the latter did not hesitate to point out the multiple convictions for defamation that the author of the paper, Aziz Zemouri, would have had. She disputes in particular employing a cleaning lady who does not have papers, granting her walks with her youngest child, providing her with accommodation in Paris, the promise of papers or even exchanges by email and SMS.

Raquel Garrido furious

Etienne Gernelle, journalist from Point, in turn took the floor on Twitter to rectify the situation. In particular, he admits to “mistakes” and “failures” by his colleague while claiming that the article in question has been withdrawn. Not enough to appease Raquel Garrido who “demands the immediate dismissal of @azizzemouri1″. Furious, she continues: “I will not stop there. I do not forgive that he took it out on our children. My family has suffered too much. The harm done is indelible. I thank the citizens and journalists who helped to dismantle the slander. Unfortunately, the bad surprises didn’t stop there as a man showed up at his home on Thursday June 23 to ask him more questions before finally being chased away. Once again, Raquel Garrido took to Twitter: “The guy who came to my house has been identified. It was indeed a journalist… I am distressed by these methods. This must stop. »