RCMP and government vehicles burned in Smithers, B.C.

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RCMP and government vehicles burned in Smithers, BC.

A charred RCMP patrol car is one of many burnt out vehicles in the parking lot of the Sunshine Inn in Smithers, BC.

Police say four Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) patrol cars and several government vehicles, including an ambulance, were burned in the parking lot of a hotel in Smithers, central British Columbia, early Wednesday.

A total of eight RCMP and government vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Police describe this event as a targeted attack on emergency service vehicles.

According to RCMP Corporal Madonna Saunderson, these vehicles were damaged or destroyed by fire outside the Sunshine Inn in Smithers, a town about 300 kilometers west of Prince George.

Photographs from the scene show a charred cruiser and pickup truck with RCMP markings.

An RCMP vehicle was damaged by fire in the parking lot of the Sunshine Inn in Smithers on Wednesday October 26, 2022.

One ​​of these vehicles bears the inscription C-IRG, which designates an industry incident task force energy, according to the RCMP website.

The fuel tanks of the vehicles appear to have been turned over. A BC Hydro truck was also burned, and the side of an ambulance was charred.

Preventing Offenders from Repeat Offending

RCMP officers sent on patrol to the Smithers area often stay at the Sunshine Inn.

Carl Chad, who owns a car shop near the hotel, says his security alarm went off at 4 a.m. and he seen on his CCTV footage someone cross [the] lot.

When he arrived at work at Four Lakes Automotive around 7:45 a.m., he says that vehicle lights had been extinguished. Carl Chad says he is worried and angry.

If people are prepared to set fire to RCMP vehicles directly [outside] where they sleep, one wonders how safe we ​​are, he explains.

With information from Betsy Trumpener and Nadia Mansour

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