RCMP investigate possible Chinese 'police stations' in Canada

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RCMP investigating possible Chinese “police stations” in Canada

One of the underground police offices is believed to be in this commercial building in Markham.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is investigating the presence of what are believed to be Chinese police offices in the country . According to the human rights organization Safeguard Defenders, there are more than 50 in the world, including 3 in the greater Toronto area, in neighborhoods where many Chinese live.

One of them is said to be in a house, another in a one-story commercial building in Markham and a third in a convenience store in the Scarborough neighborhood of east Toronto.

We believe that in most countries it is a network of people rather than a police station where people are dragged to, explained Laura Harth, from Safeguard Defenders.

It is completely illegal, according to international laws. This is a serious violation of territorial sovereignty.

In response to questions from CBC about these offices, the Chinese Embassy replied that the local government of Fujian Province has created an online platform to help Chinese people living overseas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Chinese citizens who live overseas are unable to return to China in time to renew their driver's license or access other services, explains the embassy in a written statement.

For services such as driver's license renewal, one must undergo a general physical examination, vision and hearing tests. The purpose of these Overseas Service Offices is to provide free assistance to Chinese nationals for this purpose.

The Embassy claims that the staff of the Service Offices are made up of volunteers who are not Chinese police officers and who are not involved in any criminal investigation or other relevant activity.

Safeguard Defenders, however, says there is evidence that people connected to these police stations have helped convince Chinese citizens suspected of fraud to return home to face justice.

CBC was unable to confirm this information. In a written statement, however, the RCMP says it is investigating allegations of criminal activity in connection with these alleged police stations.

The RCMP also said they take threats to the safety of people living in Canada very seriously and are aware that foreign states may seek to harm communities or individuals in Canada.

Federal Conservative MP Michael Chong protests what he describes as a scandalous intrusion into Canadian sovereignty.

We've heard about threats against people who campaign for minority rights in China, such as the Uighur and Tibetan communities, he continues.

< p class="e-p">This is another way Beijing can use to oppress Chinese Canadians who live here, says the MP.

He calls the Canadian government to take immediate action or, at the very least, express its outrage through a formal approach to the Chinese Ambassador to Canada.

< em>Based on information from CBC's Idil Mussa

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