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RCS texting will become even more convenient, even if you use an iPhone

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Although Google is one of the main promoters of RCS technology, which replaces SMS, it is not a proprietary technology of the Mountain View firm, but a standard of the GSMA, a group which represents operators and various telecommunications players. And in fact, as reported in an article from 9to5Google, this group has just published a new version of the technology, called Universal Profile 2.7, which was finalized in June. Concretely, this update brings new features at the standard level, but not at the level of an application or an operating system. This means that the new features should therefore be available on all devices and applications that support this new version of RCS technology.

According to the document published by the GSMA, the update standardizes reactions to messages, and supports personalized reactions. On Android, Google already allows you to react to RCS text messages on the Android Messages application with emojis, or even with “Photomojis” (emoji reactions created from photos). But the update announced by the GSMA should impose this functionality on other apps, such as Samsung's messaging app, or that of the iPhone. On the other hand, the Universal Profile 2.7 update also includes the possibility of replying to a particular text message, like on other messaging services, as well as the possibility of editing and canceling a text message after sending.

RCS technology was created to allow smartphones to have a messaging system comparable to those we have on apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. And with this update, which brings important new features, the GSMA strengthens this positioning.

Adoption of RCS technology advances at Apple

It should also be noted that this year is important for the successor to SMS. Indeed, via the iOS 18 update, which will be available in a stable version this fall, the iPhone will finally support the technology, which will allow communication between an iOS device and an Android without resorting to SMS. And while waiting for the release of iOS 18, beta tests already allow us to have a preview of this major new feature.

Moreover, according to a recent article from Android Authority, the latest beta version of iOS 18 (beta 3) extends access to RCS technology on iPhone. Indeed, on previous beta versions, this technology would only have been available to customers of the three major American operators. However, on iOS 18 beta 3, RCS texting support would also be available in other countries, including France.

  • RCS technology, which is the successor to SMS, is a GSMA standard
  • And this group recently released a new version of the technology which brings a number of new features
  • Among these, there is the possibility of editing or deleting a text message after sending it
  • From iOS 18, this technology will also be supported by the iPhone (it is already the default messaging on Android)

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