Read this prayer – and all family problems will simply go away!


June 10, 2018, 17:08 | Culture

Prayer to the Holy Mother of God.

Read this prayer - and all family problems will simply go away!

When getting married, young people swear not to divorce under any circumstances and to always support each other, reports Ukr.Media.

But in the modern world, families often fall apart because of quarrels and resentment. And all because they lack gentleness and heavenly intercession!

If you read the miraculous prayer “Blessed be the Lord” for 40 days in a row, it will not only strengthen you spiritually, but also help solve many family problems, such as :

  • quarrels and misunderstandings between spouses;
  • family split;
  • lack of love and harmony;
  • diseases caused by mental suffering.

Here are the words of this great prayer:

Oh, Blessed Mother of the Incarnate Word and our Sweetest Mother! I am here, at the Throne of Heavenly Grace and at Your feet, with an open heart and love, I beg: may the almighty Lord, through Your intercession, instill His mercy and love into the heart of my husband (name) and my children (names), my grandchildren (names) peace, love and desire for all that is good and righteous, a firm desire and intention to follow God's truth and will.

Please Your Divine Son not to allow anyone from my family to divorce and severe meltdown, to serious and incurable diseases, to premature and sudden death. May our home and all of us who live in it be protected from fire and flood, from the attack of thieves and enemies, from all kinds of evil and dangerous circumstances, from the unclean and envious eye and tongue.

And we will glorify and thank God and bless and honor Your holy name – now, and always, and forever and ever. Amen.

God protect you and your loved ones!


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