Ready? Ready? Trump

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¿ Ready? Ready? Trump

“To make our country successful and safe and glorious very, very, very likely to do it again . I'm just telling them to get ready. Very soon.” With those words pronounced on Thursday at a rally in Iowa former United States President Donald Trump gave one of the clearest signs of his imminent presentation of the which will be his third candidacy for the White House. Hours later the Axios portal, and then 'The New York Times', marked the potential date for the announcement on the calendar, citing sources Anonymous people familiar with the conversations: November 14, six days after the mid-term elections.

The date, according to the sources, is fluid. will finish depending on what happens in the legislative elections, where the Republicans expect good results that would allow them to regain control of the including the Senate.And Trump could delay the announcement if, for example, the results of the race in Georgia for the seat in the Upper House between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker are tight and force to go to A second round would not be held until December 6.

Legal problems

Trump and his inner circle have been signaling for a long time, and there was a widespread feeling that it was not a question of if he would make his third run for the presidency, but when. The Republican raised announcing his candidacy even before midterms , considering that by doing so you could shield yourself from some of the looming investigations and legal cases & é;l.

In addition to a civil case opened in New York against the Trump Organization (in which it has filed a countersuit against the Democratic attorney general), and the investigation opened by the Department of Justice for the irregular handling of classified documents he carried. to the FBI search of his house in Mar-a-Lago, the former president has been subpoenaed by the Comit & eacute; congressional special investigating the assault on Capitol Hill.

It is also available. being investigated in Georgia for his efforts to alter the election results in the state, which lost against Biden in 2020 and where he was recorded asking the secretary of state to “find him 11,780 votes.” Justice has also opened a criminal investigation into the attempts to reverse the results of the presidential elections, although absolute secrecy is maintained about the extent to which the personal investigation of Trump reaches.

Many candidates and leaders of the Republican Party, where the former president remains the dominant force, did not want him to make the announcement before midterms. Although few dare to question him or confront him in public, it was feared that his announcement would be damaging and turn the elections into a referendum on him. p>

Duel with DeSantis by 2024

For Trump, the announcement is equally important when trying toavoid competition from other potential contenders for the nomination Republican presidential. Although names such as former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are being considered, none represent a greater threat to his candidacy than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And the well-known tension between Trump and DeSantis will be on display this Sunday in Florida. The former president goes to support Senator Marco Rubio in an act in Miami, while in Tampa DeSantis, who according to the polls is certain of his re-election, has his own rally in Tampa.