“Ready to throw myself under the bullets.” King Charles hired an experienced bodyguard ahead of his coronation

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  • «Ready throw yourself under the bullets. King Charles hired an experienced bodyguard before his coronation

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The former bodyguard of the queen consort, who would have “thrown himself under bullets” for members of the royal family, has become the main driver of King Charles in a reshuffle of the staff at Buckingham Palace. The Daily Mail writes about this.

The new chief driver, Mark Andrews, has guarded the royal family for 20 years.

He will provide the king and queen consort with additional security on the eve of the coronation. Mr. Andrews was Camilla Parker-Bowles' head of police protection until last year.

He will now become King Charles' chief driver as Tim Williams, who currently holds the position, retires.

< p>A former officer with excellent command of firearms will be able to provide the king and queen consort with the necessary level of security during preparations for the coronation on May 6 and at the ceremony itself.

The then Prince of Wales visited St. Lucia, St. Vincent , the Grenadines, St. Kitts and more on a 12-day tour.

They also spent four days in Cuba, the first members of the British royal family to do so.

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